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trolls will troll.
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There are many things going on. My favorite is the relationships built (or destroyed) by player pc to player pc involvement.
They exist while larger shit is going on. And that can constantly change and sway perspectives. I'd suggest finding a role and ..rolling with it, to answer your own question.
Best of fun to you.
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There have been many RPTs in the past few months including the sort with global staff animations as well as the sort that involve large groups of PCs doing cool shit.   I came back from a long break about a year ago and can honestly say it has been a blast.

If you check staff announcements you’ll see there’s a big RPT next week coming up with Allanaki forces on the move. If you were interested in jumping back into the game I’d suggest rolling up a combat character from either Allanak or Morin’s and trying to get involved in that.

I’m not sure what aspects you like most about the game but personally I agree with ShaiHulud.  Most of Arm's day to day is forming relationships with other PCs and doing what you enjoy.  I think a lot of my enjoyment in Arm comes from when I can organize PCs to group up for an activity and we can make our own fun.   There’s a lot of things to enjoy about the game that don’t require staff involvement or giant plots.   Those big plots are usually a great way to develop your PC though as you have that push to grow and change.

Good luck, I’d say it’s worth trying to see if you like where the game is right now.