The Cream RISES to the Top!

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Hey guys,

Remember when Loon mentioned that he really wished we could open up all the Noble Houses to applications, way back in 2020?

Yeah, that was cool. Take a gander here for some reference:,55792.msg1047332.html#msg1047332

Remember back in February, when Shabago was promising stuff like the next Noble role call would be open to all Houses?

Yeah, that cool. Check it out here:,56309.msg1056697.html#msg1056697

Anyway, just wanted to reminiscence with you guys..


OOOOOHHH YEAH, FINALLY!! THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE! We are looking for 1 GLORIOUS member of His Nobility from ANY Household!!


OH NO, we got room for ONE GLORIOUS Templar within His City as well. You read it right. Read it again. 1 Noble and 1 Templar from ANY Household.


"Natious! Natious! I submitted dozens of requests asking for this! What information should I have!?"
YES! Thank you for your patience. I will steal a little bit from Brother Shaloonsh to answer your question:

Loonsh!  What do the noble houses typically look like?!
House Borsail - Typically very fastidious about appearance, trends toward blond/white hair.  Silver eyes are not uncommon.
House Oash - Typically paler in skin tone, black hair is a typical family trait.
House Tor - Trends towards light brown and red hair color, and men are known to have particularly luxurious beards.  Skin tone varies widely from tan to dark black, rarely are they pale.
House Fale - Go nuts.  Seriously, they dye their hair all over the place.  Eyes tend towards greens and blues.
House Jal - Typically olive in hue, but they tan to a deep, nutty brown.  Often brown or dark blond hair.
House Rennik - Typically darker in skin tone with deep black being a primary family trait.  Often known for their striking amber eyes.
House Valika - Typically paler of skin, darker hair, eyes can vary.
House Sath - Typically pale skin, darker hair, and eyes of pale green, blue, or yellow though all looks and styles are available within the ranks.
House Kasix -  Tend to have the physical traits of darker skin, dark or golden eyes, and dark or yellow hair, though all looks and styles are available

Loonsh!  What about the Amber Wyverns?!  What about the Tor Scorpions!?
No.  Ancillary militias are not going to be additionally supported, these will be noble centric.  I will warn you that a focus in your character of activating the Amber Wyverns or Tor Scorpions will be frowned upon so please keep that in mind when applying and playing :)"

Additional Questions:

"Who is my staffer going to be?!"
ME! Muahahahaha! (for Nobility) Usiku for the Templars.

"What else will I need?"
Consistent playtimes, good communication, the ability to include others, drive plots, patience, and keeping the harsh theme of the game alive. See this thing below? This. You will need to know this: along with the majority of the requirements of the Templarate, without having to do those 'dirty things' like lead patrols. Psh. Patrols. Don't worry, the spiders will come to you. I promise.

"Can I just get access to the House X's documentation? :D"
No. We're not going to do that. With plenty of people applying, we're going to ask that you review the current known information regarding the House and attempt to come up with a concept all your own. If you are selected, we will expose you to the necessary documentation and we will adjust from there. What we need from you is a concept. Please include personality, goals, quirks, and what you think you can bring to the table in this very exclusive role.

"Natious. What's cooler than being cool?"
Ice cold.

"B-but Natious?! What do I need to do to get my Noble concept reviewed!? And why do you keep killing me with spiders?!"
Muahahaha! Because they hunger!!  Please submit all applications as role applications to HOUSE [Whatever House you want here!] We expect competition to be extremely fierce for this, so take your time, spell check it better than I've spell-checked this post, and have fun!

"What about the Templar role?"


Peace? There can be no peace. You are a servant of the Highlord and WAR is upon the lips of those serving within the glory of His Shadow. Will you serve through the clattering of weapons, the clanking of coin, or the scribbling of a quill upon parchment? All shall carry the hefty burden of His Will upon their shoulder, and all shall be rewarded with the cries of His enemies and the glory of His expanding Empire within their future. You shall find your 'peers' just as ambitious and deadly as the enemies outside His walls, and it shall take all your cunning and ruthlessness in order to survive the tasks set before you. The rewards are many but seen by so precious few..

Requirements: (Shamelessly stolen here folks)

* High playtimes AN ABSOLUTE MUST.
* Reliable reporting ability... I do not need to know every little thing, but I sure need to have at least one report every two weeks.   I prefer weekly, but I will take bi.
* Good account notes... or at least not horrible.
* A solid grasp of Allanaki politics, from the highest silk to the lowest ratsucker. See that social hierarchy above? Yeah. Live by it.
* An ability and willingness to play a Leadership position.  You must be able to lead patrols, arrange RPTs without staff assistance, deal with all manner of folk, and report swiftly when Allanak is in need.
* Send in an full application with background, throw some goals in there, and an idea of the character's psyche.
* Ability to commonly play from a computer, or laptop.  I am not interested in phone-heavy players, no offense, but the response times for emotives and combat from a phone is an obvious impact to other players in a scene.  Part of being top notch is that ability to instantly react and keep track of multiple things going on at once.

What's in it for me!?

- Immediate involvement in a Known-spanning RPT! Direct access to the front lines of an exciting new chapter for Zalanthas!
- Excitement! Adventure! Murder! Arenas! Crush your competition! Rise above them and leave their broken ambitions in your wake!
- Playing in some of the most challenging and rewarding roles the game has to offer. This is the big leagues and these are marathons, not sprints.
- Support from a dedicated staff member with some glowing reviews below:

"I asked Natious to speak with my noble's superiors and all he did was load a bunch of spiders in the room with me." - An amazing, now retired player
There's your 'Quorum', hahahaha!

"I still don't understand why Usuki felt the need to animate for four hours just to scream at my character." - Another fantastic player
Perfection! Another glowing review!

DEADLINE: Saturday, June 12th at 11:59:59 PM ST. You will need to be set up Sunday / Monday without exception! You have an RPT to get involved in!

Greetings, Macho Men, from the North.

Our citizens wish you short travels and as much luck as you deserve for consorting with Whira.

Just keep in mind the Old Tuluki proverb we keep near and dear in our little village...

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Not THIS time, northerner scum. Go back to sleep, just like your little 'Sun King'.


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This is now closed. Thank you sincerely to all who applied, the turnout was rather overwhelming and we had tons of great applicants.