Author Topic: Rolecall: Northern T'zai Byn Sergeant  (Read 324 times)


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Rolecall: Northern T'zai Byn Sergeant
« on: May 22, 2021, 12:34:52 AM »
For over half a century the T'zai Byn Mercenary Guild has enjoyed the constant patronage of the Allanaki nobility as well as the Great Merchant Houses stationed there. Despite that however, the T'zai Byn openly represents that it is a neutral faction which works for the highest bidder...and always will.

Yes, mercenaries escort caravans.
Yes, mercenaries capture slaves and animals for the arena.
Yes, mercenaries protect and guard nobility.

But mercenaries also fight in wars.

We're opening one slot for a northern T'zai Byn Sergeant in Havoc Warband under the command of Lieutenant Vysax, a mercenary leader who's no stranger to working opposing sides.

This is a culturally unique opportunity to step up and become a Sergeant like we haven't had in the game for years. We're looking for plot-starters, players who take initiative, and those willing to really run with the concept of what it means to be a true mercenary Sergeant.

Please read up in this thread to see the requirements and what we'd like to see in your application, but adding on to that, please take note:

  • Please share your relevant northern experience with culture and history if you are eager to explore this.
  • No elves or breeds in this round. Dwarves and humans are acceptable. Inked northerners will be prioritized.
  • No secret or unmanifested 'gicks.
  • Please tell us your plans for the role and any character goals/ambitions/aspirations you may have.

Applications close 23:59 (server) Tuesday 25th May.