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When do you think it is okay to beep someone?

When have you been beeped at an inappropriate time?
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Re: beeping
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When do you think it is okay to beep someone?

When you are trying to interact with them and you can't tell if they are idling or LD. If they have JUST been interacting...then no...but if you've just walked in and you haven't seen them do anything, go for it.

Also...if they just did OOC: brb I need to take a dump and a bahamet walked in.

When have you been beeped at an inappropriate time?

I have never been beeped. :(
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Re: beeping
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I have only been beeped once that I can remember, I don't think it was an inappropriate time though, I thought I said gone, but I was definitely gone longer than expected due to toddler aggro.

I would think if it is urgent, and you need that specific PC for an interaction. But only if you have been interacting IC a bit, like emoting/speaking to them, and you don't get a response after a few minutes? If that criteria is met then beep them, otherwise just move on or wait for someone else to come along? I usually just move on. Sometimes people might be just disconnected, I once saw a PC standing in the same spot for two or three real life days every time I logged in. So beeping them would have done nothing.

I think it says to use the beep command pretty sparingly. Yupp:

Use this command very sparingly, if at all.

I have never 'beeped' anyone before.
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Re: beeping
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First time I heard it, I was scared I got ganked while not looking at the tab for a minute, thinking it was my own mantis beep.

I use it rarely, usually to give someone an opportunity to show whether they're LD or just idle-but-present, like got absorbed in a video or other game.
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Re: beeping
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Some time ago me and someone was chilling somewhere and were resting when a drov beetle came to say hi.
Person 2 was AFK so I beeped them like ten times in two seconds.

Nobody died that day.
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Re: beeping
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I've been beeped by someone when I wasn't even afk, just trying to work out my emote and taking a minute to respond. That's the one use of beep I didn't really care for. Other than that, it seems underutilized.


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Re: beeping
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I'm typically pretty generous before beeping someone.

I have OOC'd someone before, letting them know that it was legitimately ten full minutes since their last response.

If that continues, I'm not overly excited to interact with them again.

I have been beep'd before and it was appropriate though I know quite a few folks take offense to being beep'd.
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Re: beeping
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I beep all the god damned time.
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Re: beeping
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I'll beep when it seems prudent to start wondering if they are there. Sometimes that might mean I beep them and they really are taking 3 minutes to get an emote out, but most of the time it's more along the lines of ... it's 10 minutes and I think they fell asleep.
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Re: beeping
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I am not afraid to beep if something even mildly important starts happening and the time that has passed is when people tend to tab out...waiting for dawn, gates, training, whatever.

Tends to be when people beep me too so, I have no issues.
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Re: beeping
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Beep away.
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