A Special Labyrinth Rolecall

Started by Wychokka, February 26, 2021, 11:07:52 PM

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Anarchy reigns in the eastern Labyrinth. Denizens of those shadowy and ruthless alleys are almost dead to the screams of the night, the corpse piles, and the roving gangs that rule the night. Whatever is brewing in the forgotten city territory brings discord, confusion, and uncertainty.

But where there is destruction - when things are torn down, shattered, ruined - there are scavengers. Those desperate or enterprising enough to have risen in the chaos, through force or cunning, are able to run amok and seize scraps of power for themselves.

Will they rise and become great? Or will they falter and be ground to dust?

That's up to you.

This rolecall is for individuals who would like to be the movers and shakers of a supported east-side (city elven) clan. You will be playing in the freshly revamped and updated east-side Labyrinth, playground to the gangs who live there.

Due to the nature of this clan, only a limited overview can be given here. But in short:

We will be looking to fill 3 particular types of role, bringing on a maximum of 6 people if we find the right candidates:

A core leadership role.

  • You will be taking up an antagonist leadership role.
  • You will be required to organize players and be proactive.
  • You will need to be active and send in regular (weekly) reports.
  • Leadership experience will be weighed heavily.
  • A deep understanding of city elven culture is required.

If you take on this role, expect to be helping contribute, collaborate, and shape a brand new clan alongside staff.

One or two supporting leader roles.

  • You will be in a supporting leadership role.
  • You will be required to organize players and be proactive.
  • You will need to be active and send in regular (weekly) reports.
  • Leadership experience is not necessarily required, but will be a plus.
  • Some understanding of city elven culture is required.

Footmen / rank and file roles.

  • You will be taking up an entry-level role in the clan and supporting the leaders.
  • Ambitious characters will have the opportunity to move up.
  • Some understanding of city elven culture is required.
  • Leadership experience is not required.

If you're interested...

Register your interest by using the "Role Application" option in the Request Tool, and selecting "Jaxa Pah" in the dropdown. Please state the following:

Which of the above roles are you applying for? One, two, or all of them?
What experience have you had playing city elves?

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: March 7 2021 at 11:59pm Server.

It's worth adding a note here as well:

City elves, especially the Labyrinthan kind, are one of the more contentious and polarizing topics in the game - everyone has their own view, and they haven't had the love they deserve over the years. With that in mind, bear in mind what you find may, or may not, align with your expectations; it might not be what you remember or desire. But I promise that you do have the chance to be there on the ground to impact and lead change, as well as to set the tone for the race (and area) for years to come. This is a unique opportunity.

This closes real soon, but there's still time to squeeze one in.

This is now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application, the response was fantastic.

Reviving this thread to share more on our latest playable clan, the Valuren, who now have their own helpfile with some ways of getting involved.

Valuren                                                     (Labyrinth Clans)

   The Valuren, formerly one of the Jaxa Pah families, now operate as more as
a patchwork of dominant chaotic gangs, rather than as a united family,
where the strongest traditionally rises to the top - they are a mishmash of
mongrels, possessing no single culture of their own, save for the simplest of
customs and titles.

   How can I play a Valuren character?

You can roll a lonefoot elf and join later in game:
     The Valuren are the most accepting of outsiders among the Jaxa Pah
families, therefore it is possible to gain recognition and join the Valuren
from the bottom and work your way up. This would require hunting down
existing Valuren members and figuring it out. If successful, outsiders will
be brought in as Strain, the lowest and least trusted rank in the Valuren
gang structure.

You can jump right into the game as Strain:

     Using this helpfile, you can simply write how your character became
Strain into the background when submitting a new character. After
approval, you'll be able to enter a special Valuren pre-game room to
acquire the necessary marks.

You can go in game as a non-leader / rank-and-file gang member:
     You'll need to submit a Role Application via the request tool so we can
take a look. And before doing that, please submit a request for the Valuren
documentation so you can craft a proper background. This rank can also
eventually be earned in game. Please note that only the Unblood rank can
be applied for this way, not Szabo or Szlo (which must be earned in game).

You can app in as a gang leader:
     This will be a sponsored role. Anyone looking to jump right in as a Vezet
will need to look out for calls on Staff Announcements. This rank can also
be earned in game with the necessary experience and struggles.