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Mastercrafting and Customcrafting Confusion
« on: January 30, 2021, 03:26:18 PM »
Trying to get some information straight regarding custom-crafting. This is what the helpfiles say:

Certain classes say specifically they can "custom craft", i.e. all heavy mercantile: Fence, Dune Trader, Artisan.
One regular subguild, Custom Crafter, says they can custom craft.
Some extended subguilds, Master Armorsmith, Chef, Crafter, Jeweler, Potter, Tailor, Woodworker, Weaponsmith, say they can custom craft.

Other classes, like Light Mercantile, Pilferer, Adventurer, Crafstperson, can get skills to master but they do not say they can custom craft.
Similarly some extended subguilds, like Minstrel, say they can get instrument making to master, but do not say they can eventually make their own, where some like a Marksman says they can custom craft.

Custom crafting helpfile says:
Code: [Select]
There are four situations that give rise to the ability to custom craft. You choose the Custom Crafter subclass,
you choose certain craft based extended subclasses, you are guild merchant (legacy) or you are a heavy merchantile
class (Artisan, Fence, or Dune Trader).

1. That last blurb seems pretty cut and dry. However, some people have suggested that if you have or can get, mastery in a skill you can custom-craft - based on their current PC experiences. Is this incorrect?

2. All extended subguilds say:
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They can achieve mastery in (whatever skill), allowing them to custom craft new pieces of (whatever).
This implies that you can't custom craft until you are a master. However, the custom-crafting helpfile says:

Code: [Select]
If you are a custom crafter, you may custom craft skills on your skill list, up to your current level of skill, with
certain exceptions noted in the custom crafter subclass helpfile. If you have a craft based extended subclass, you may
have the ability to custom craft select skills, as noted in the helpfile for that extended subclass. If your character’s
class is merchant, you may custom craft skills you have at (master) skill level when you type “skills”, with certain
exceptions noted below.

So is it wait until mastery? Or whenever?


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Re: Mastercrafting and Customcrafting Confusion
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2021, 06:59:40 PM »
When it was called Master Crafting (MC) you needed to wait until you reached Master in your skill level to be able to submit a craft, and with a few exceptions (components, brew, etc), if you had a way to get to Master then you could MC.

We haven't had the Mast Crafting system for awhile.

When the name changed to Custom Crafting, we did away with the whole Master skill level equals being able to submit crafts.  Not only does having Master in a skill level not necessarily equate to being able to submit a custom craft, you no longer have to wait until master skill level to do so, although it can't be a submission for something more skillful than your skill level.