Author Topic: [RPT] Tribal Fashion Bonanza Sale (Sat 30th January 2pm server on-going!)  (Read 225 times)


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Tribal fashions are on fire* right now!

(*Please note, items are not actually on fire.  There are no plans to burn anyone.  Do not expect to be set alight unless you leave with a [redacted]**).


Do you like looking handsome and rugged?  Or svelte and stunningly gorgeous?
Are you in need of a new weapon?
What about trousers?  Everyone needs trousers that are tight so you can flaunt your best assets!
Looking for a new toy for your baby?  Jewellery for your loved one?
Do you think black clothing makes you look mysterious and sexy?  Because IT DOES!
Or are you hunting for hides and shiny stones without the hassle of actually doing it yourself?
...or if all else fails, do you want to come eat free food, guzzle free milk, kumiss and water, and smugly do it while knowing no purchase is necessary?

Are you ready to enjoy huge savings?  And free snacks?!

Payment options: Sid coins, trade goods, raw materials, or creativity - you know a song, story, dance routine, or lewd joke, bring it!

Rarities, and things never seen before?  Krath-heck yeah!

If so, you may want to check the IG rumour board in Luir's (because Allanak can't have all the fun!).
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Re: [RPT] Tribal Fashion Bonanza Sale (Sat 30th January 2pm server on-going!)
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I just wanna saw I wish I could have made it for this.

Bravo for putting it on.
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