Author Topic: A Storm Thrown Few - Tribal Role Recruiting.  (Read 395 times)


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A Storm Thrown Few - Tribal Role Recruiting.
« on: January 21, 2021, 09:31:48 AM »

Brushed with glass, bleeding from a hundred cuts of the Lure, the man writhed and begged. My boots were out of reach, yet his arms stretched for me. The discarded shield, the fight had fled. “To’sang, kin! He promises death - let him die. Or better let - let mine sate its thirst!”

“No, kin. There is a place for him. He has just not seen it yet.” As the words leave my mouth, I stoop - but a smart one knows - when promising water with one hand, hide blood in the other.

Have you wondered what lies beyond that next dune - why you were following the trodden, beaten track instead?

When you look into the desert - do you see sand, or do you see possibility?

- I am looking for a few intrepid souls to join the path and story of a close-knit desert-based tribe. 

- Diversity of potential character concepts- there will be opportunity for exploration, combat, non-combat and crafting, mysticism, and cultural development with tribe members. Your concept and personal goals will be fit in and explored!
- Players with experience in desert-based survival are preferred due to the potential dangers.
- Please PM for further details and docs.

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Re: A Storm Thrown Few - Tribal Role Recruiting.
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This looks amazing.  If I wasn't hip-deep in a character right now, I'd jump on this.  Good luck!


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Re: A Storm Thrown Few - Tribal Role Recruiting.
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Were I not also preoccupied with a character right now I would love to join in, since tribal gameplay is definitely my favorite part of Arm! If anything changes on my end, I’m in!