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An idea along these lines
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What about an middle ground between the Hall of Kings and your starting city with a few basic shops. Maybe even mirrored (is that possible?) so that wheneve the actual's shop inventory changes the mirrored shop will reflect the change.

So when you point at your starting location you get transfered to the "mirrored" bazzar and get some basic starting gear that you wish. Perhaps have it free like the scarrs. And once in game have only a couple of hundred sids if that.

Well that's all I had to say about that.


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I can see it now... the man with 20 pairs of pants and 20 pairs of shoes.

em shudders.
I've been away from Zalanthas for some time, but I still think you all are kank shit. Don't worry, I'll come back and fix it up. By the way, has anyone found, like, water? This desert is getting old.

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Starting equipment.
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Yeah, it would definitely have to cost you some side. Else, you get the colorful situation Lukie mentioned ;->

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Starting equipment.
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I did mention that each person could start with three points. -Maybe soapstone coins like that crazy whatsit guy? And each item would cost one funny coin. That way you could only get three things max. Enough to found yourself nicely.

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Starting equipment.
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But then you could still get someone buying three obsidian breastplates, selling two off once they get in game and using that money to buy the rest of their armor, and still have some left over.

I like the idea of buy at normal price, sell back at same price.