Developer Request: Quality of Life improvements to the game

Started by nessalin, January 19, 2021, 01:34:05 PM

Quote from: Maso on October 13, 2021, 02:01:42 PM
Would also help you to consider if you wanted to settle there with the chance they might log in (/return to their previous campsite).
Prevent some awkward situations where you're just gicking about and someone logs in on top of you.

The ability to poison items covertly using sleight of hand would be really useful.

Sleight of hand successes changing them from hemotes to semotes when the user is hidden, invisible, or otherwise unseen.

Have ride give your mount resistance to being bashed and when your mount gets bashed count it as a ride fail.
We seriously need more passive ride fails so that people don't have to tame hundreds of animals just to max the skill on stalkers.

Not sure if this has already been suggested, but...

Being able to cook up to five of the same items into 5 separate iterations of the cooked version.

E.g. craft meat 2.meat 3.meat 4.meat 5.meat into some pieces of cooked meat (5x a piece of cooked meat)

As a bonus, being able to cook 2-4 would produce 2-4 iterations, but I'd settle for either 1 at a time, or 5 at a time.

I would like the ability to sit on people.

If Amos is sitting....

You sit in Amos's lap.

If Amos is resting....

>sit amos
You sit on Amos's belly.

If Amos is standing...

You leap upwards and straddle Amos.

Because everyone sits differently, I propose extremely complex sitdescription syntax.

Lastly you should be able to have sit trains.

Amos is sitting here.
Talia is here, sitting in Amos's lap.
Lord Templar Fale is here, sitting in Talia's lap.
A small gortok is here, sitting in Lord Fale's lap.

Could we have the option to change the color of psionics/way messages to be different than the color of thinks and feels?
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'sto' should default to 'stop,' not 'stow.' I make an alias every time but it'd be great if I didn't have to. Stopping is a lot more important and time-sensitive than stowing.

Give Minstrel the same boost to picking up accents/stuff that Bard gets.

Mundane subs already only require you have the karma available, you don't spend it on the sub anymore.

Quote from: MeTekillot on November 07, 2021, 08:57:18 PM
'Smoke pipe all' like how we have 'eat food all'

Quote from: MeTekillot on November 09, 2021, 02:27:23 AM
Let us feed spice to our mounts.
Poison cures too, if that's not currently implemented.
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An "after" command that waits for you to do an action that requires concentration to complete before doing more stuff


craft rock into nipple.ring.foot
psi I'm replying to a way I received while in the crafting delay

Make the four parade field rooms the byn has be codedly outdoors with a movement cost of zero and some reasonable ride penalty so that there's more to codedly do on desert survival days other than archery range stuff. Sure, if there's a sarge logged in you are probably going to have something to do, but that is rarely the case.

Please update the 'map tuluk' helpfile and the directions command there.
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Someone says, out of character:
     "I had to fix something in this zone.. YOU WEREN'T HERE 2 minutes ago :)"

I want to be able to title items like we can title mounts. Keywords assigned only to that specific loaded version of the object.

>title songbird Tweety
>title maul Smashy

flay code that allows us to remove skin containing tattoos/scars from bodies (or maybe even unconsious/critical victims) to get an item that contains information about the tattoo/scar from the body and the location the skin was flayed from

Quote from: Evilone on November 21, 2021, 06:18:55 AM
Off the top of my head I cannot remember the levels of intoxication, but once you hit the level intoxicated a smell is added to the character, and a timer begins which is similar to the duration of getting from drunk to sober, or once sober, the smell is cleared, and for every other drink beyond intoxication, the alcohol timer refreshes.

sniff amos
Amos smells of alcohol.
This already happens??

Idea'd this in game, but when you are asleep and you type 'wake' it automatically returns a 'look' at the room.

Same for when you come to from being knocked out.

It would stand to reason when you wake up and open your eyes, you see what is around you without having to consciously do so.
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it would be so fun and cool if every form of self inventory manipulation could be done covertly with sleight of hand
non exhaustive list of examples
* poison a weapon
* load a blowgun
* wield a weapon from your inventory
* put on a wearable
* remove a wearable
* raise/lower hood
* get a weapon from a quiver into either your ep or es slot

the only self inventory manipulation i can think of off the top of my head this probably shouldn't apply to is smoking spice (but i think snorting spice covertly could be conceivably reasonable, although usually if a hidden person is snorting spice they are probably about to type bash or kill and staying hidden isn't super important but is still useful)

This is ... A novel concept but it might prove to be interesting.

Have the Mud up on a different port. Completely devoid of all NPCs and all the areas considered 'difficult to access' off grid.

Have people able to login into the mud with builder privileges. There, they can make items, build rooms, change stuff, etc. And then offer for review.  If stuff looks good and actions inside the game were performed to make it happen IG, staff can make these things life.


Fix HELP MAP TULUK, and fix the DIRECTIONS command for those in the walls. Opening the city didn't come out of the blue, it has been open for months now, so I have no idea why both are borked
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This tastes like ordinary meat.
There is nothing left now.

Decrease the upper time limit on tailoring. Nobody wants to wait 3 hours for their blue bandana to get resized or their helmet tailored. There's no actually interesting plots created by forcing people to wait for tailors. At best the ticket gets stolen and the thief gets a helmet in 3 hours, at worst someone just logs out and doesn't interact with the game for 3 hours

It would be convenient if skill timers could store three or so charges of skillup and expended one on a failskillup so to reward longer play sessions and reduce a sense of fomo that people can sometimes have from missing a timer.