Server time to Real time?

Started by Fernandezj, December 25, 2020, 03:14:17 AM

I was told that a thing will happen at a specific server time.
I see that server time is on the website main page.

is this a constant? I.e. if something happens at X server time tomorrow, is it assumedly that many hours from the current server time?

NOTE: Please don't have people use this distinction in-game (in an ooc way to notify people) without some sort of explanation of what server time is.
I stumbled upon it on the main page.

Server time is identical to the east coast united states

GMT -5

So yes, 8pm server time today is the same as tomorrow. Or noon, or 5 Am, what have you.

Thank you, is there a way to make that standard somewhere?

So, this standard has existed for a long while. I remember not knowing for certain where the server was located, long before the website we have now. When I began playing 21 years ago, I think it was located  on the West Coast, before it found its current home.

Now, simply put, sure, adjustments could probably be made, and it's not a bad idea. But where else do you think it should be located? As you mention, server time is already on the front page.
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I was thinking an addition to help time (where the real time to z-time conversions are) or at login screen or something.
But it only seems to be used by certain clans or RPTs, so not sure how beneficial having it around would even be.