Allanaki Merchant Tokens

Started by Fernandezj, December 21, 2020, 12:39:41 AM

December 21, 2020, 12:39:41 AM Last Edit: December 21, 2020, 12:53:25 AM by Fernandezj
I'm trying to find documentation on Allanaki merchant tokens.

I've been chastised for not having one, but not severely punished. On that note, I don't know where I would begin to know that I even needed one (since I couldn't find it in the documentation).

In the newbie area there's a merchant for magicker gems, which makes it clear its a licensed thing that you would know if you needed or not, but it didnt seem to be the same with tokens, which makes it unclear if its a requirement.

Anyone have any additional information?

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You can buy Allanaki merchant tokens in the starter shops somewhere, or at least you could last time I explored the starter shops with a character. I want to say its the merchant items shop. Personally it drives me crazy that players make their PCs put so much value on something that is so obscure and undocumented. Some might be able to naturally infer that in a city-state that is high trade, you would have to pay the 'officials' for being allowed to trade there. But its not a natural inference and it should really be better handled by documentation. I'll talk to staff about that now that its caused a newbie some trouble.

Once you're in-game your only outlet for getting a merchant tokens is to find a PC templar and purchase it. The cost isn't supposed to be insane, though it would likely feel expensive to a character freshly rolled out of chargen. If the templars demand stupidly insane prices though (I would consider 1k the point break, they're way cheaper than that in the chargen shop but ingame templars are corrupt and greedy creatures) put in a request to staff and tell them that ingame the cost is unreasonable and you didn't get one in chargen due to there being no documentation indicating it was actually needed.

Thank you, I have no problem writing up the required in game documentation. I was more hoping that the information is out there but not as accessible as it should be. I just think its weird that something so ubiquitous (I mean one of the games central tenets is merchant houses) doesn't have anything about it in the docs.

A bigger idea would be merchant protocols section in the RP stuff. Like who should sell to who (racially), why are merchant Mages allowed, why are independent merchants not killed by Kurac/Kadius, etc.

There is also a templar NPC selling these. It's a bit more expensive than what PC templars typically charge, but still well below 1k.

Oh awesome, I will look for that ingame.

That would also be a good thing to add to a potential doc.

I will say that quite a few of my characters who acquired them did so via roleplay means only.

One worked with a militia Sergeant and did random little things for a few days and was gifted one that she probably got from her Templar.

Quite a few did the same from roleplaying and working for a Templar in an unofficial capacity.

Some sold information of other cities and such, "Hey I noticed this thing in Red Storm."

Not everything has to be simply X coins to NPC/Templar, just keep that in mind.
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