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re: what is longevity
« on: December 14, 2020, 10:15:44 PM »
It means that someone has played long enough that they know the gist of the game's social and racial contexts.

Both "Longevity" and "Proven understanding of cultural and racial structures" are karma criteria.
What, on a specific low level, differentiates them?
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Re: re: what is longevity
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There's not a checklist any of the karma criteria, and likely never will be one.

You took my initial answer and put the one sentence of it in a quoted context that makes it look like they're the same thing, which is not true.

Longevity is a gut check whether staff feels like the player exhibits knowledge of the game world to the extent they "get" Zalanthas at a high level.  Including racial and social and cultural contexts, fearing magick, dwarves not having beards and being obsessed with mithril, what is Allanak, what is Tuluk, where are they at, all that sort of stuff.