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When is code RP?
« on: December 06, 2020, 11:17:46 AM »
Some people say "code is RP" but there's absolutely times when codeed actions just don't cut it.

When is code RP?
When have you seen someone try to do "code is RP" RP that you felt was unsatisfying?
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Re: When is code RP?
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2020, 12:30:00 PM »
Code is simply systems to determine actions.  When an actor acts, they are roleplaying.

When you have two gladiators that are fighting.  The strikes, hits, and damage are code generated aspects that will dictate the outcome of a match.  That can be considered roleplaying, because two characters are interacting, and there's an outcome from it.

When you have a human thief that is sneaking about the marketplace, stalking a merchant target, and then attempting to steal something from them.  That is code dictating what is happening and it is roleplaying.

When you decide to use a dagger (1d4+1) or a sword (1d8+1) or an axe (2d6+1) with your character.  Each item has coded attributes to it, and when you swing with it, it is roleplaying.

When you decide to cast a fireball spell at some gith raiders, you're using code to roleplay your outcome of doing so.

Without code, your weapon objects, spells, skills, and combat wouldn't be defined equally to all players involved, and conflict resolution of roleplaying would be handled by another system.
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Re: When is code RP?
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2020, 12:39:33 PM »
I don't generally say 'code is RP', the same way I don't say 'emotes are RP'.  RP, to me, is about actions performed on the behalf of your character.  Your character should do, say, feel, and act in the way of their character.  That is done via emotes AND via code as a conglomerate of A.  Having actual impact (i.e. coded actions), and B. description (i.e. emotes).

Sometimes, for circumstantial reasons, we prioritize one over the other.

I generally define 'coded rp' as the definition of in-game physics.  You can roleplay skinning a creatures all you want.  It is 'skin corpse' that actually determines what happens.  You can roleplay searching for someone.  It's 'scan' that actually defines whether or not you can spot them.  You can describe hopping through a window into an apartment.  It's 'pick lock' that actually allows you to get in.

This makes for some odd situations, where you describe one thing, but use a coded action that is another thing, but gives you the effect that the description moves towards (see pick lock example).  Some people are okay with that.  Some people see that as utterly terrible.  You aren't really going to get around that.  There is a very fixed point around what you can describe and what the game will allow through code.

This is why I fixate on code so hard.  Sometimes, description simply doesn't cut it.  We need our code to be robust and sensible, but also use caution with it because of the -vast- impacts it can have either directly or as a ripple effect.  Sometimes, our code is designed in ways that does not facilitate or accomodate some areas of description, which is where it needs to be understood that way, particularly in a game with permadeath.  I know that when I'm getting creamed and thinking I'm going to die, I am not typing up a flee emote.  I'm typing flee.

It's part of a delicate balance.  To sum up in relation to your original question, I'd say 'Code is RP when it impacts the world the way your character is both compelled and able to impact the world in that way.'
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Re: When is code RP?
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I can not say this better than Armaddict just did. That is 100% the way I feel about it.
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