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Re: Why no maps?
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I'll agree about the mystery portion, to some extent, but you have to remember that IRL, nobody knew what was where when people drew dragons and stuff on their maps. Just because there's a drawing of something doesn't mean that you understand the immensity of what that drawing really means. A gith head on a map just stands for a gith. There's no real way to know, for future readers of your map, that the gith head stands for a fortress of god-king gith.

I've always thought that that blurb meant that ASCII art was not permitted for Maps, basically. Also, because cartography is pretty detailed, generally speaking, I've never assumed that a description of a few mountains and a deep hole and a winding road being drawn on a piece of paper, without words to read, could be construed as such.

I sure would like a staffer to pop on in here and lay down the lawz! Staff, do that! Lawz!

I posted a basic ass map in discord that was literally an arrow pointing to one object, then another, then another.  Very basic. Very simple. Shalooonsh said 'no thats literally a map'.

Does said drawn object guide you to X location?

If so thats a map.

Said action is cartography, congrats staff is now telling you to not do it anymore or you lose drawing.


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Re: Why no maps?
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Deleted this post because a veteran player I deeply respect told me to.

This topic is just so effing annoying if you know things.
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Re: Why no maps?
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Well, I guess I don't agree that basic maps shouldn't exist, but so says Staff, so alright.
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