Silk and Spice: A Kuraci/Kadian Rolecall

Started by Caverin, October 05, 2020, 10:54:30 PM

That's right, folks. We are looking for not just a Kuraci this time around, but a Kadian too! Please send your applications under the relevant clan title.

Just to reiterate what we are looking for...

We are looking for a Dealer of House Kurac and a Merchant of House Kadius. Someone:

  • Dependable and responsible
  • Who can maintain a good line of communication with staff
  • Who is absolutely not afraid to get their hands dirty in order to get ahead
  • Who has consistent playtimes
  • Who can think out of the box, and can figure out different, creative ways to achieve their goals, even when it seems options may be limited.

In return, we provide you with:

  • Full, solid staff support
  • The opportunity to challenge yourself in a role that is not only just a diplomat and a trader, but a mover and shaker in this world.
  • A vast selection of Kuraci OR Kadian resources from a plethora of goods to a range of services both practical and pleasureable for all your conniving and creative needs.
  • The backing of one of the four Great Merchant Houses, whose influences stretch all across the Known, with a solid background, history, and wealth for support.

Applications will be closing a week from now, so get 'em in!

This will be closing in less then a day, folks.

This is now closed. Thanks to everyone that applied and we'll reach out to you soon.

Just as the original post laid out by Sir Caverin, it's time to take on some fresh blood in BOTH Kuraci and Kadius.

- Expect some back-stabbing politics, with both cities having demands and expectations.
- Expect to get plenty rich off of your silver tongue while keeping that profitable, neutral stance between the pair of them.
- Build up your crew, embarrass your rivals and carve out a legacy for yourself with the vast opportunities for expansion of your House.

Dust off your silks, light up your smokes and get in your apps before Oct 30th!
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Did you know that there's one day (approximately) to go on this application?

The role is closed and those who applied have been contacted. We hope to see them in the game mingling with you all soon!