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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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Read or listen to "The Prism Pentad" to get a feel for dwarf focuses -- this helped me understand how they articulate them better at least.


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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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Be a good person.
Help people.
Be a bad person.
Practice my craft.
Live healthily.
Be a good friend.
Serve the Sun King admirably.
Take advantage.
Protect myself.
Display my skills.

Dwarves are obsessive, but obsessive doesn't have to mean ambitious. A focus doesn't have to be a strict checkbox goal. I like focuses that are more like an ethos.

A "Be a good friend" dwarf can be a poster child for borderline personality disorder. A healthy eating dwarf can be neurotic about nutrition and malnourish to accidental suicide over misinformation about food's health effects. A take advantage dwarf can play to the hilt the Zalanthan theme of corrupt authority; but they can also be an amazing battlefield tactician while also being a worshipped leader in their clan, because troops with high morale are an advantage.

Dwarves are mentally inflexible and obsessive. I think many people underestimate how much fun you can have with this. That mental inflexibility can be in the form of blithely beelining at your goal without subtlety. But a Tuluki dwarf may pathologically manipulate even when they don't need to. A Red Storm dwarf may feel that liberty for slaves is a necessary component of their focus because their goal was formed in the presence of hundreds of disgruntled former slaves.

I guess my whole point is to try to have fun with your dwarf. Just don't forget you're almost mentally alien to humans in your obsessive pursuits and purposes.
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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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I think as long as you act in a way that makes people go 'what a fucking weird ass Dwarf' you're doing something right.


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Re: Dwarf Focuses
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A good dwarf should be like a cryptid.