Is There a YouTube Tutorial Video for Arm?

Started by Saiseiki, September 21, 2020, 11:54:37 PM

So, I have a friend who moved to another state a while back, right as I was trying to show her how to play Arm.  She's not a gamer, but after hearing me rave about it, she was willing to give it a shot.  Now, months have rolled by, and as you might imagine, this vast world with sooooo many commands to learn has her thoroughly intimidated.  I've tried to answer questions, but at-distance it's been pretty rough. 

All this to say:  is there any kind of tutorial YT video for Arm?  A step-by-step would be immensely helpful for people trying to start up (she's not the only person I've tried to introduce to Arm, and they've pretty much all told me the same thing:  too confusing, and too hard to learn).

While on Top Mud Sites, I was looking at how some other MUDs do introductions.  I thought this was a particularly good one:

A related question would be "Do we have any Let's Play resources?" 

Thanks, y'all.
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I'll add, with full respect to the staff of the Threshold, I felt like I was more watching an old-school video game vice a role-playing experience.  Makes me appreciate our murderous little family here all the more. =)
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."

I cut my MUding teeth on Threshold... Armageddon was my second game.  Boy it sure was nice to (after getting killed by a <insert rude word here> for my newbie coin and making a second character) find actual RP...and not watch people use a social to throw platemail-clad paladins etc up in the air and go "Wheee"....

But I digress...with nostalgic facepalming.

I have no idea if there is a YouTube how-to.  I am a written instructions over seeing type person, but I can see how that sort of learner might find it useful.
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I actually was going to do a twitch stream of Armageddon on my channel.  But when I put in the request to ask if that would be allowed I got a one word answer of NO from Shallooonsh or however you spell his name.

I was thinking it was something that would get more folks in game but they shut that shit down fast.
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It's not an actual tutorial, but it's a commentary of game reviewer who picked Armageddon as his subject around 7 years ago. He shows only the game screen while he narrates his actions and game responses. His YouTube name is Spfnym. Most of his videos of the game are of the documentation. The rest are the process to make an account, make a character, bring the character live, and the first day of playing.

Part 1 of his game commentary (not the documentation commentary) is here:
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Thank you all!  Helpful and informative.
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