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Roles, Missed and Loved
« on: September 20, 2020, 12:26:36 PM »
So reading the Allanak thread got me thinking of roles I miss and those I love to play.

(And Loved)GMH Hunter, I always loved the way it was setup with a skilled ranger-type player as a hunter leader and they would get requests from the crafters and that gave some direction to running around nearly dying to creatures to get that shell or skin.

Halfling, Never played one, but I had interacted with some while playing in Tuluk, and it was interesting and they tended to have some really well played PC halflings for sure.

Mantis, Never even saw one played, have seen some animated by Staff, but I heard there was once PC ran Mantis, must be before my time.  Would be fun for a temporary role or something.

Allanak Council of Mages:  I heard about it back in the day, but never got to play IN it.  Sounded like a fun place to focus magickal roleplay.

Sorcerer or Psionicist:  I would love to play one, but as I hear and see more about them in game and on the boards it seems like they would be mostly a chore type role and armageddon on super hard mode due to literally everyone wanting them dead.  I think it would be fun but probably a brief ride due to my lack of knowledge in both roles.


Hunter type characters, love me nearly dying to a spider/drov beetle/raider while I'm out skinning up some shit.  really gets the blood pumping and they can be quite deadly when they live long enough.  Plus I love the utility of leading folks places during storms.

Whiran: I played I think one Whiran so far, and it was when Summon was a thing and folks would cheese it by flying and summoning folks to their death. 

Drovian:  Never played one when they were a thing, I think they might be a thing again, but still haven't played one.  I think it would be fun to sneak into all sorts of areas I wasn't supposed to be in and be a magickal spy (My interpretation of their skillset)