Author Topic: [RPT] Zalanthan Speakeasy? (9pm EST, Sept 12th)  (Read 394 times)


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[RPT] Zalanthan Speakeasy? (9pm EST, Sept 12th)
« on: September 10, 2020, 03:23:19 PM »
While the grand parties of the nobility and noble-adjacent seep through Allanak on a regular basis with wine that flows like water,
and water that flows like sand, some few might whisper that there is a new sort of festivity opening soon oriented not towards the
silk-wearers, but for the common man. Street sweepers, grebbers, ruffians and mercenaries, and indeed any of the vulgar masses are all
encouraged to come to the great opening night of this new Allanaki establishment. Entry fees will be modest, and waivable for those willing
to risk a chance at becoming the entertainment for those inside. Songs, violence, cheap food and drink, with any and all comers welcome so
long as they have either coin, or a willingness to take the stage.

For Details on this event check the rumor boards around Alanak.

For any that wish to volunteer in advance to "perform" at this event are welcome! Find one of the organizers on said same rumor boards.


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Re: [RPT] Zalanthan Speakeasy? (9pm EST, Sept 12th)
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Bumping this as it takes place today at 9pm.