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[Tue Apr 24 01:40:16 2018] Fallen Byn Sergeant

Solemn Bynners are heard discussing the untimely demise of the well-known Sergeant Fade.
When questioned by a patron, a Bynner is overheard explaining that a freak wind caught the
Sergeant unawares, sending him and his inix tumbling into the... sinkhole north of Allanak.
The Bynner rounds off his tale by saying that all inquiries regarding Sergeant Fade should be
directed to Sergeant Cal.


[Wed Aug 29 09:22:42 2018] Uneasy whispers within the Gibbet

Among the usual lazy gossips of the local tavern goers as well as the
occasional mentions of Kadius, a few were overheard whispering about
abominations spotted near the village. One commented quietly that the young
Tuluki-inked woman mentioned its unnatural speed, while another countered that
it left flames in it wake. Whatever the case, the words were quickly hushed by
the bartender, and the topics turned to more mundane gossips.


[Tue May  2 20:15:07 2017] The Rise of a Son

   Before the news of Tarkon, the innkeeper's loss was even beginning it
seems the tavern fell under another hysteric outcry as the undead body of a
Kurac Regular walked right on in under the cover of night.  It seems that
whatever caused the undead to wander the streets of Luir's was directly
related to one Amos-Da Kurac, as the beast was only focused on him -
pointing and rasping in it's horrible, deathly tongue. 
   A few of the tavern-goers that stayed through either shock or bravery
rumor that the dead Regular was Tarkon's son. 


[Thu Sep  6 14:34:15 2018]: A dusty Nomad's Tale...

A nomad, dusted with a white, powdery substance, rants in bendune one
morning and it takes a while before the on-edge patrons can settle him down
to piece together in broken sirihish his tale: He claims that the sky wept
salt upon him as he investigated strange stones at the oasis in the
Tablelands.  As he tells it, it fell for perhaps an hour before the
glittering stuff abated from the sky.  Settled with a drink from the bar,
the traveller soon found further solace in a few more before he was dragged
off to a resting place. 


[Mon Nov 26 15:40:25 2018]: Sorcery in the Scrubland!

Word circulates through the Outpost faster than a turaal with a gortok
hot on her heel about a finger-wiggler out in the scrublands.  Apparently,
while the rumor-mill is still churning out every variation of the story they
could hope to come up with, a few key details stand out.  First, the heroism
of a Captain Gorrold - who some now give the surname Voidbreaker - and his
unit of supremely disciplined Garrison soldiers who rode out under the
warning from a local tribal woman about someone defiling the northlands.
Understandably, the stories of how the unit actually came in contact with
this magicker range from the completely mundane to the made up fantasies of
children mock-playing out the battle. 

By the time they had subdued the foul asher and brought him back to the
Outpost for public execution, the stories all seem to coalesce again. The
craven of a man stood bound, his fingers cut off, before a block of wood.
With a speech that would rouse even the most elderly bones - or so it's
told - Captain Voidbreaker beheaded the dastardly magick-user infront of
everyone claiming that Sorcery of any sort is not allowed in the Outpost. A

few people who managed to catch the show claim that the witch kept professing
how he wasn't a sorcerer, he was only a Nilazi - like there was a difference
to be had.

At the end of the day, Captain Voidbreaker was heard saying that all those
who practice the ways of Sorcery should be put to the blade, there will be
no refuge in Luir's for Sorcery or Psionism - or as some add, later, Nilazi.


[Thu Dec 20 14:29:47 2018] Where's the Ocotillo?

Whispers can be heard through the tavern that Ocotillo Spirits, once a
regular drink served up by Tarkon, the barkeep, are no longer available.
While some grumble about their missing, favorite drink, a few others can be
heard barking good riddance to the drink of Southern, slaver Nobility. 


[Tue Feb 12 01:27:34 2019]: Gith Danger

The tavern has been unusually full with downtrodden hunters. Even when
the dawning light of Suk-Krath rises, few seem to leave for their daily
hunts. Complaints can be heard that the trade route between Allanak and
Luirs has been heavy with gith activity as of late. Others tell stories of
running into the gith even in the salt flats, though none seem to know the
cause for their increased activity.


[Mon Mar 25 13:23:44 2019]: Grey Smoke

After fits and starts, grey smoke now rises from the top of the
volcano in a thick, steady column.  Some folks swear to have seen
flecks of orange-red shooting upwards as well, or a steady orange-red
glow at night from the direction of the volcano.


[Sat Feb  1 19:52:57 2020]: Burned Bodies and a Continues Lack of Sun Runners

   Ever since the Sun Runners attacked Luir's Outpost almost a year ago
and burnt up one of its free citizens outside the gates, tensions have
remained high.  The flamboyant elven liquor Firebreather has not been seen
sold by either Tarkon or Vatomenli since the incident, and it is expected
that that trend will continue until the Sun Runners make amends.  Many surly
tavern goers have grown annoyed at paying so highly for spiced ale, and on
a few ocassions House Kurac has brought in far cheaper bottles of fine spiced
ginka and belshun wine to compensate.  Candy is also commonly on display for
sale in the main bar, which includes a taste of spice in each bite!
   Ever since the Sun Runners were forcefully escorted out of the Outpost,
many have wondered what the commonly available replacement liquor will be,
and those in the know tell of increasing pressure on Luir's Council to fix
it as soon as possible.  One thing is certain though, with the discovery of
at least three more burnt humanoid bodies north of Luir's, tensions remain
high with the wild elven tribe, and show no sign of stopping soon.
   Some have even begun to whisper of possible bounties for the anyone known
to be murdering with the power of flame...


[Fri Feb  7 00:17:49 2020]: Bullying by the Blazing Elf!

   Fearful whispers spread in a conversation between two hunters, as they
count their much more meager earnings at a corner of the Storm's End. 
   One of the hunters whispers to the other about how a hunt had to be cut
short due to a running elf 'covered in flames' chasing them down on the
North Road, all the way down to Morin's. 
   "It were horrifying!  He must've been ten, twenty cords tall, and looked
like every bit of him were flames!"  , come the horrified whispers of the
shaking hunter. 
   "You're talking about that one elf, right?  The Garrison gave him a talking
to.  Told him to stick to the Tablelands," comes the response.  "...  Twenty
cords tall, though?  Are you sure?" 
   The whispers die down as the tavern fills with other bargoers, but the
message is clear: that elf is angry about something, and it seems everyone
might be free game.


[Thu Feb 13 17:17:33 2020]: Remodeled Apartments on Sun's Road

There seems to have been a commotion in the End earlier this week.  A
well-dressed woman wearing the signet ring of Nenyuk was seen claiming that
she's now taking the names of those who wish to rent rooms in the newly
renovated apartment building on Sun's Road.  Her sharp features made her
look only more annoyed at the flood of people who tried to immediately claim
a room right then and there but she told them that limitations were the
same, if not even stricter than the shanties.  No Garrison or employees of
the Merchant Houses allowed and no half-giants either.  Not that they could
fit in through that small hallway if they tried, anyways.  In any case, she
told everyone to find her at the desk at the building itself. 


[Tue Jun 16 23:13:08 2020]:  Sun Runners return in at least some capacity

   A dusty trader strolls past, remarking that the difficulties with the
Sun Runners must be on the mend, as their pavilion has made a reappearance
in the market yard.

From Morin's:

[Wed Apr 15 12:46:58 2015] Victory at Ten Serak!

After a heated battle between the Legions of Tuluk and Allanak, His Ivory
claimed victory over the capture of Ten Serak!  In many taverns throughout
the city Citizens can be seen raising this drinks in celebration as Bards
sing patriotic ballad's  recounting tales of His Legions glorious victories.
High Faithful Jurinia Winrothol is said to have been instrumental in the
victory with the aid of her Elite forces, while Faithful Lord Yasir Lyksae
led the Furies himself.  While many a Levyman and Legionnaire gave there
lives taking the Fortress two stories of note seem to be making their way
around the Taverns.  The First of Sergeant Aldren of the Sun Furies whom is
said to have fallen in valorous battle after the leading the charge.  It is
said his unit where the first over the walls and took the blunt of the
initial assault.  The second of a Dasari Physician, who threw herself
infront of a half-giant's sword as it was coming down on a Faithful Lord,
saving his life and losing her own in the process.  Memorials for the fallen
are said to held at the Cemetery with drinking at the Vestric after.  ((OOC
Thursaday 7pm EST/Sever time gathering at city cemetery))

[Mon Mar 25 08:48:42 2019] Sick of sleepy Morin's? Join the Byn!

Travel the Known! Meet new and interesting people! Then kill them.
The T'zai Byn Fury Warband is recruiting and you could be their
next meat shield. What, that doesn't sound appealing? Then you must
not like the sound of sids clinking together. The word is out that
there are opportunities for advancement, high-caliber beatings which
might be misconstrued as training, and adventure!

The average morning in the Byn consists of ass beatings. The average
afternoon is chores, most notoriously the latrine duty on Nekrete.
Most evenings are spent in the famed Gladiator and Gaj tavern getting
drunk and starting fights. That is when you're not out murdering for
the highest bidder.

The mercenaries in the local area spread the word about the trio of
Sergeants looking for scouts, thugs, cutthroats, and drunks. Sergeant
Mauli, the woman known in Allanak for her deep singing voice and
getting into trouble. Sergeant Jadoin is also mentioned as a more
easy-going officer.

Join today! It only costs three hundred sid. You'll get used to the
smell, eventually.

[Mon Apr  8 10:18:23 2019] The big bitch came back

That big bitch Fallen came through again.  She mentioned to a couple of
tables of grebbers and hunters that she's returned to the Byn and is a
Mercenary once more.  She's available for escort and guarding contracts
to anyone needing her services.


[Thu Apr 16 14:51:25 2015] Anxious Times. Dangerous Times.

   An uncomfortable air of anxiety and fear has fallen across the city
despite efforts to rouse celebration of Tuluk's victory at Tan'Serak.
Returning legionnaires and levy members share stories and disappear, or are
said to have survived the battle only to vanish on the return to the city.
Each and every one seems changed by what was, according to official record,
a glorious victory - but what is alluded to as a horrifying meatgrinder. 
   Whispers are shared of madmen with no faces being slaughtered en masse
to take the Allanakki fortification.  Others rave about their missing
siblings or loved ones being spotted amongst the number of Tuluk's 'secret
weapon'.  All are swiftly silenced and pushed out onto the street, less they
upset the peace - and the streets aren't safe. 
   Every day people desperately seek news about those arrested over the
last few months or bring news of fresh vanishings.  Apartment complexes are
being raided - some say, rings of outlaws rounded up from their beds and
taken to the Heart  or the Silverwood estate to be interrogated.  Mobs of
legionnaires are avoided by those unfortunate enough to have to travel the
streets at night - less some hidden charge of treason and lawelessness be
   But all these stories are just stories.  Talk smoothly returns to
mundane things and the enduring majesty of the Sun-King's reign.  Especially
when Templars or Legionnaires pass by. 

[Sat Apr 25 12:04:41 2015] Kadians seen leaving the city

Patrons report that a well-known Kadian bartender was seen leaving the
city in an entourage of fellow merchants, seemingly heading to Morins
Village.  Some mention was made of transferring interest to the tavern that
Kadius has established in the small logging encampment to serve the growing
number of Lyksae and other soldiers that have been stationed in the
vicinity.  Mention was made that more and more citizens seem to be making
their way to the village and the marketplace has seen a surge of trade of
late, something that the Kadian rent holders are likely profiting from. 

[Tue Jul  3 23:34:35 2018] Misery Needs Company

Word spreads that the grey met-fighting wonder known as
Rault is seeking a Tuluki-Inked comrade to do all the
things Tuluki hunters are supposed to do.  He offers
what training he can provide as well as the potential
for help with the start-up expenses usually associated
with becoming a hunter.  All inquiries should be directed
towards Rault himself.

[Mon Apr  8 10:18:23 2019] The big bitch came back

That big bitch Fallen came through again.  She mentioned to a couple of
tables of grebbers and hunters that she's returned to the Byn and is a
Mercenary once more.  She's available for escort and guarding contracts
to anyone needing her services.

[Tue Apr  9 00:22:49 2019] Rumors of Metal and Demons

Word seems to slowly be spreading through the village amongst hunters,
grebbers and tribals that there are fearsome creatures made of fire coming
out of the volcano.  Other rumors claim that metal itself is also coming
out.  No-one seems to have any of the metal, although many claim that
they've seen the metal fly out of the volcano.  Talk quickly turns to what
they would do if they did find some of the metal. 

[Mon Apr 15 10:34:44 2019] Sightings of an Abomination

   Word passes through the village of Morin's of a chase across the Red
Sun Square and out into the wilderness beyond.  Some say it began with an
alarmed cry of a gemmed in the dormitories, others swear it was a mindworm,
and others yet claim that it had to be a defiler.  Whatever it was, the
abomination was seen running across the square, with more than one trader
claiming that their goods were trampled on and toppled over.  One thing many
agree on is that the Sun King's Light prevailed when His troops bled and
vanquished the foul being. 

Small rumblings of concern have started taking place in the North. While always well out of earshot of Faithful, it seems a small group of human tribals having been spotted in the Grasslands infrequently. This group constantly seems to harass those in the area with archery fire or thrown rocks. While a few minor injuries have been reported so far, no direct and open conflict has yet to happen and just what these people wish or are fighting for, is unknown.

Whoever they are, thus far they have been wise enough to avoid being identified by clothing or gear and have avoided direct communication with those they wish to ambush.
Nessalin: At night, I stand there and watch you sleep.  With a hammer in one hand and a candy cane in the other.  Judging.



Word slowly trickles about Morins, though is largely dismissed due to the original tellers smelling stronger than a keg of Sun Runner Sejah, of an odd sighting deep in the grey. By the telling, the thick red dust in the clouds parted to reveal a portion of sky over the chasm and a number of odd, fiery red sparks appeared. Supposedly, these tiny items drifted to the ground and yet, when further investigated, no sign of the items could be found.


A disgruntled Akei'ta'Var trader has was heard loudly complaining at the gates of Tuluk over the state of some old ruins near the Thornlands. It seems the elf stumbled across no less than a dozen dead kryl piled in a pyramid near the ruins center. While the complaint largely centered around the smell attracting Bahamets or other deadly creatures, a number of citizens are left to speculate just what or who took down that many Kryl and how they managed to pile the heavy beasts that high.

Chosen and Faithful:

Talk among the Chosen and Faithful of Tuluk - and their trusted servants - is how a passed down claim from an old member of the Order stated there were more records and tomes held in a repository beneath the Negean estate and appropriately hidden behind a false wall. Further solidifying this rumor, are the sighting of a number of slave work-crews moving in and out of the Chosen Quarter with bags worth of stone rubble and pick axes. To say some are giddy over the prospect of what may be found in that location would be an understatement. Granted, a few more seem nervous on just what damaging records could also turn up.
Nessalin: At night, I stand there and watch you sleep.  With a hammer in one hand and a candy cane in the other.  Judging.

Tuluk and Morins:

Things got hot at the village and a good portion of western Tuluk. Countless witnesses and wagging tongues speak of some winged creature rising into the sky over the Grey Forest that was made of fire! That creature flew over the scrublands and near enough to His Walls that a blast of heat from its body was actually felt through the Commons. This is, of course, quickly followed with certain claims that it did not draw closer because of the might of His Faithful and His Light.
Nessalin: At night, I stand there and watch you sleep.  With a hammer in one hand and a candy cane in the other.  Judging.