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Archived rumor posts from around the Known will go here.
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[Fri Dec  1 04:09:45 2017] Bloodshed on eastside

Heavy rumours filter through the dark alleys, stories of blood being shed
liberally while others speak of actual gang wars stemming heavily from the
eastside.  While this is not an unusual sight to the dilapidated community
of the Labyrinth, however some even mentioned involvement of larger elven
tribes such as Sandas, Dariki and even Kanosh.  Though many scoff at the
supposed rift between the two large groups while others merely pass it off
as yet another violent day in the 'Rinth, the streets seem unusually tense
with more folks prowling in the shadows in the east side. 


[Fri Dec 29 18:54:17 2017] The Skies are Abuzz!

   Several citizens of Allanak have been spreading fearful word of a
recent breakout of aggressive wasps in the streets of Allanak.  Word has
been everything from just mere bothersomes from the wasps, to an entire
swarm attacking and stinging at a young boy.  As was told by a whore, being
one of the victims of said attacks, the stings themselves are extremely
painful.  Usually, once the wasp is dead, their stingers would remain in the
body, and a large, gruesome welt is left behind as well.  Anyone who has any
information about a possible nest should contact an appropriate member of
His Arm.


[Tue Feb 27 23:14:32 2018] Templar-on-Templar Mayhem in the Arena

A horrifying sight rupted on Caravan Way when two Lords Templar called
upon the Highlord's magick and turned it upon one another. Perhaps even
more shocking was when soldiers of His Arm inserted themselves into the
fray and assaulted one of the templars.

The shocking sight set off waves of panic. The bodies of those killed in
the riots were not yet cooled when the violence spread to elsewhere in
the city.

The soldiers were cut down - each and every one upon the arena floor as
payment for their effrontery to the highborn and the Highlord. But the
violence was only just beginning.

Those who witnessed the raging fires of templar-on-templar battle on the
Arena floor speak in hushed tones about what they witnessed not one, not
two, but THREE Templars of the Blue were involved in some
sort of violent struggle. After the first fell, bodies of gemmed and
yet more soldiers still dropping left and right, a Great Lord of the
Red attempted to put a stop to the violence.

While the horrified audience looked on, two blue-robed templars engaged
in violent conflict with both blades and magick. It ended with the female
templar dead in the sands, cut nearly in half. The crowd then watched in
horror as the surviving Lord Templar bent down and cut a glowing eye from
her still-warm corpse.

Two attacks upon His Templarate at once? Was this some sort of coup?
Is anyone who witnessed this in the Arena safe? Will those who speak
of it be cut down on the spot?

The city simmers.


[Tue Feb 27 21:06:18 2018] The arena ran with blood, red, black, jade and blue.

Buildings smolder in the aftermath of the riots that shook the commoners
quarter in the aftermath of the Jade Massacre in the arena.  It's said that
ten Lord and Lady Templars executed a thousand soldiers before they too were
put to death. 


[Tue Oct 22 00:16:48 2019] The Gan Zein Marketplace - Movement of Filth.

Overheard in the Crimson Folley:
   "Did you see that blue-skinned woman working in the Gan Zein marketplace?
She was moving rocks and picking up stuff, and it looks like she was scouting
out the place. I watched her for an hour and then she went to her tent by that
firepit and put out some crossbow bolts and blowdarts like it was a merchant
shop in the bazaar southside."
   "Bah, no. You're blind and dumb. Nobody works in that dead-end."
   "You ain't never been there in years, since you found those coins and that
sausage that turned your stomach. I was there -yesterday- and I know what I
   "So what's going on there, then?"
   "I think they're building something."
   "Ey Ey You two drunks! Stop bickering and pay your tab! Or if you want to
make some coin, go greb some rocks and wood and go trade it to Flow in that
old market. They've gotsa be building something alright. Go earn some meat and
move some debris around there."


[Sun Nov  3 23:14:33 2019] Odious winds in the West

Panic starts to spread in the western alleys after an attack by a wind witch
in broad daylight on its denizens, mainly targeting an individual wearing
Folley colours. With rumours southside of a wind witch named Riffraff in
the Painted Elves of the East alleys, fear is brewing over the former peace
between the East and West.


Message 29: [Wed Dec 18 22:10:20 2019] The Gan Zein Marketplace - Building a building?

Overheard at the Crimson Folley Tavern on the Westside:
   "So I went to that tent in the Gan Zein marketplace, and I saw that woman's
still there, selling her crossbow bolts and blowdarts. I'm surprised that she's
survived that long, what with her blue-skin and all. I didn't buy anything."
   "You never have coin to buy anything, ever. In fact, it's your turn to get
the next round."
   "No, no. I got this one, remember?"
   "Ehh. Maybe."
   "See?  Also, I went past that firepit there in that market, and saw work
_actually_ being done. I saw a dwarf working what looked like _actual_ building
and it was all blocked off with rocks and debris and construction. Who'd a
think that was possible -there-?"
   "I remember a year back or so hearing that blue-skinned woman was offering
jobs for people to bring in shit. It's finally getting done? What is it?"
   "It just sorta looked like a building. It's been over a year and it's a
sorta frame of some building. I saw that all the workers were wearing a leather
patch that had an orange flame painted on it. Maybe that's the crew. That woman
was wearing one too."
   "I wonder if it's a gambling hall. Maybe a new whore house. Or maybe it's a
spice den sellin' cheaper than the Screaming Mantis."
   "It's not that impressive, actually."
   "I'd like to see you do that."
   "I could do it cheaper and faster!"
   "You're cheaper and faster."


[Thu Dec 19 19:33:05 2019] Nenyuki and her Guard

Commotion blows throughout the city like a fierce wind as folks from
every walk of life murmur and exclaim with more recent news. Off of
Stonecarver's Road, despite everywhich risk one Kathaya Nenyuk and
her guard were assaulted and one was slain; the other stripped and
made to bear the humiliation of nudity.

Nenyuki clerks, agents, and guards throughout the city put the blame
on a particularly ballsy narrows' Sharp, with luscious black hair. Said
to bare a bounty exceeding ten large, less scrupulous folk remark how
the sharp, Ako, is known about the Labyrinth for his apparent cruelty.

"I's heard th'feck'd left'a fuck t'writhe inna Alley, sputterin' out blood
from'a taint; holdin'a cure jus'a watch'm die." remarks one snaggle-toothed
bounty-hunter. Mostly unamused at the news, many elf grimace at the
mention of Ako being one of the Rinth's Painted.


[Fri Jan 10 04:41:38 2020] Lament for Elithan Kaitiff

While rumors circulate outside the Labyrinth of an arena spectacle
showcasing the death of a raider chieftain, a more somber retelling of the
story can be heard within the ghetto, both East and West.  The name Elithan
Kaitiff is now on the lips of many in the alleys, said to have been a fierce
and brave leader of a group of bandits who had long been a thorn in the
templarate's side.  Once captured, Elithan was put to death in the arena by
the claws of some sort of Borsail-bred monstrosity, though it is said he met
his bloody end fearlessly.  He and his raider kind were surely seen as the
foulest of criminal by the eyes of many in Allanak proper, but his reception
as a sort of local legend in the alleyways casts him in a far more positive
light.  After all, an enemy of the templars is someone to be celebrated in
the 'Rinth, whatever their cause may be.  It is even said a number of local
orphan boys in the streets have be given the name Elithan and some girls the
name Kaitiff. 


[Sat Feb 29 16:43:02 2020] A Kiyetarri Slain

During one of the latest Arena Games, a kiyetarri managed to actually escape
the Arena. Some wonder how it managed to do that in the first place, since
there are spikes on the ground that prevent beasts from approaching the
walls of the Arena, and sixteen cords thuja walls with spikes on top of it.
Regardless, the beast was loose and it managed to rampage and murder many
in it's path.


[Sun Mar 15 12:50:55 2020] Tossed into the Pit

People whisper among themselves of a scene in recent days that took place
at the Pit on Caravan Road. A Lady Templar of notable hair snatched up
a man, seemingly in the throes of confessing his love to her, and tossed him
head-first into the Pit, but not before crushing his throat with her bare hand!
As people reportedly gathered around to enjoy the spectacle, the Templar
asked if anyone else had love to confess, which sent the crowd into a rather
swift dispersal. Was this just another in a recent string of executions for
blasphemy against the Highborn? Some seem to think so, while others have
speculated the man to have simply been a criminal with a poor choice of
words in the presence of the Templarate.


[Mon Mar 16 10:28:54 2020] An Event in the Dome: Conclusion

Rumors spread through the taverns that the event in the dome was just
as exciting as expected, but with less fire and ash than last time.

The gathering consisted of numerous nobles and templars, from those
well-known and often in the public eye to those who work a bit more in
different circles. People speak of lavish treats that were available from
Kadius and that Oashi wine flowed freely. However, it is said that not
all highborn were comfortable at the event that was called by the Office
of Inquisition.

An Inquisitor by the name of Sahtuk Valika led the event and he first
called another templar to stand before him! A murmur washed over the
tables as the highborn watched to see the fate of the templar. The
details vary based on who is telling the story but many seem unwilling to
discuss it out of fear. Regardless of what is said, most agree that a
particular highborn clad in white and yellow silk started yelling and
making a rather large sceneonly to be called up himself once the
templar was announced as not-guilty to whatever charge it was!

The lord, however, was not so fortunate. The Inquisitor announced a
verdict of guilty to some charge and shortly after the lord actually
attacked the Inquisitor! His body was seen a bit later being dragged off
by a servant, a streak of blood staining the dome floor as the official
event concluded and the rest of the participants continued to enjoy wine
and snacks.


Message 17: [Fri Mar 27 18:04:35 2020] Another Criminal Killed: Larimar

Celebration has erupted across Allanak, after an announcement in the Arena.
Just one week after killing another  notable criminal,  Lord  Templar  Kair
Kasix stepped out into the sands and held up the head of the famous raider,
Larimar, a mul. He announced that after months  of working on him,  the Arm
of the Dragon finally managed to capture him.

The mul looked notably burned, which made some wonder if, before dying,  he
had unleashed the wrath of the Templarate  -  but that kind of talk quickly
dies down.

The Arena show ended with the chant of some commoners who called the  young
Lord Templar a 'prodigy'  and the announcement that  the party later in the
week was going to spent celebrating this defeat on the Crimson Wind's head.


[Tue Mar 31 07:35:26 2020] Storm Raiders strike again!

A young grebber spreads words of a dwarf raider that took her hostage
after taking a perraine arrow to her ass and dragged her around the sands in
a psychotic spree screaming "Storm Raiders strike again!"   Over and over
until she was tossed knee-deep into the silt sea.  Unsure if it was a
exaggerated story or that grebber was made as an example, leaves one to
wonder if the Crimson Winds still continue to strike at the city even
without a head. 

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Southern Rumors
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[Fri Apr  3 09:52:40 2020] Stormborn Tradin' Crew hands celebrates at Red's

A female dwarf wearing some sort of decorated face mask came into Red's
Retreat and began to give away tremendous purses of coin to some of the
people present, as well as buying the ENTIRE tavern drinks, many of which
were downed by a particular redhead with a radiant smile.  The dwarf shouted
"STORMBORN TRADIN' CREW!  TELL YA FRIENDS!"   And went off to who knows
where afterwards.


[Mon Apr  6 15:08:46 2020] One-eyed Wyverns?

People speak about a corpse they found outside the city, on the outer
circle. In its flesh was carved a wyvern with one eye.


[Sun Apr 12 12:00:37 2020] Steel Talons stacking corpses!

"Uh huh.  Steel Talons and that Templar, Kair Kasix, it was!  Damned near
covered the Arena floor with corpses!  They had some Byn and a few
independents with 'em, even some Atrium feller!  But it was the Talons that
was putting in red work.  That sergeant of theirs out there, swinging that
big flail of his like a fuckin' whirlwind, splattering them Tuluki
sonsabitches!  Crowd was goin' fuckin' nuts!  I bet half the whores in
Allanak is bow-legged after they got done celebratin' their victory!
They're still carrying bodies out, a week later.  Thinkin' on givin' up
grebbin' and joinin' up, I am.  Be a good life, servin' the Highlord and
kicking out rinthi teeth with a fine unit like that..." 


[Mon Apr 13 15:25:30 2020] The Conclusion of the Blood Market

The Blood Market concluded as it began: with a devotion to the Highlord
at the Dragon Temple, led by Lord Inquisitor Sahtuk Valika and Lord
Controller Lysander Borsail.  After a riotious four weeks of street hawkers
and performers, free-flowing booze, Arena presentations, competitions,
auctions, and parties, the hawkers are packing up, the pavilions and banners
are coming down, and the crowds are slowly filtering home.

Lord Controller Lysander's largesse and show of Borsail money continued
in most public fashion: a steady flow of free drinks and snacks for all
festival-goers, coin purses and prizes in festival competitions, and
purchasing items at auction not for himself, but as gifts for commoners and
nobles alike.  He was heard crediting Overseer Green Kadius and Crew Leader
Sev Salarr for their time, efforts, and donations, to the Festival and to
the common people.  He also made a public speech before a Kuraci carriage
auction, standing alongside Dealer Amun Kurac, dismissing 'overblown rumors'
and affirming that Kurac is a friend to Borsail and contributes much to
Allanak: that history is history, meant to be learned from, so as to move
forward to better tomorrows.  Despite all that, it did seem that Kurac's
part in the Blood Market was limited compared to Kadius and Salarr.

Whatever the case, pages in Borsail livery are circulating the taverns,
proclaiming Borsail's pleasure in gifting this festival to the city, for
the enjoyment of all of His loyal subjects.  They lift ale mugs high,
raising toasts to the generosity of the First House of the Nine.

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Southern Rumors
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[Thu May 21 03:43:16 2020] A cart-tastrophy

Word seems to slowly circulate the taverns of a rather odd incident.
It's said a wagon was seen getting guided through the city by some folk in
militia cloaks but were brought to a halt on Merchant's Way by a Private of
the Steel Talons. 

"Aye, ya heard me.  He tried t' stop 'em then BAM...  Weirdest sight I evah saw.
One of 'em other soldiers beat th' OTHER soldier t' death then 'em Captain tha'
was on top of th' wagon feckin' left th' city wit' that wagon quick smart, th'
soldiers goin' wit' him.  Crushed several other pitchcloaks under th' wheels on
th' way, too." 


[Mon Jul 20 20:22:23 2020] A Bloody Message

Some words trickle from the mouths of many a drunkard and degenerate about
a scene that unfolded at the Gladiator and the Gaj Tavern not so long ago.
A Templar in blue and a soldier of His Arm put a body on display that was
recognized by some and unknown to many.

"Jerked 'is head right up by tha ponytail 'e did, wanted everyone ta see
'at fella. Looked 'orrible, all covered in blood an' vomit and smellin
somethin' awful!"

"Ats cause the deader shit 'mself! They always shit 'emselves!" chuckles a
snaggle-toothed man deep in his cups.

"But.. is it true? What the Lord Templar said about that man?" Whispers a
scrawny, dirt-caked girl.

What proclamation followed from a Lord Templar Ketka Kurac varies with each
telling in both breath and scope, but the focus of the words rarely differ:
The dead proclaimed to be a practitioner of sorcery and a thrall to some
other, words of protection, faith in His servants, threats, and of a blow
landed against enemies of His city.


[Thu Aug 20 16:22:40 2020] Grebbers attacked by Crimson Wind?

Mid morning a fiery-skinned dwarf, comes into the tavern yelling about
how they narrowly escaped a group of raiders. Some Patrons where quick
to listen right up until they noticed a gem around the dwarfs neck.
Those that listened will find out a tail of three or four grebbers
ridden down by riders on beetle back yelling the "crimson wind blows".
Not much more was said, before the gemmed left the tavern.


[Fri Aug 28 07:28:12 2020] Half-Devil!

Drunken taverngoers remark about a scene that unfolded infront of the Gaj
the other day, involving a dozen half-eaten rat corpses, a recently-public
nuisance named Chomp, and a Private of His Arm, to the shock of many,
standing up for the rabid creature after she was caught devouring the little
critters whole outside the tavern and a Templar was called to deal with her.
The scene itself could be described as almost comical, with Chomp giving the
Private advice on how to get away from the Lord Templar and providing him
with gifts to bribe the Templar with.  The entire thing was defused by a
very patient Lord Templar explaining to the half-devil that she was not
allowed to, by her words, "hunt Tuluki spies" in the open streets. 


[Fri Jun 26 21:56:20 2020] Pages in Black and Jade: A Gathering Announced

Pages clad in jade-trimmed black linen cloaks have been said to be
frequenting the taverns and bazaar lately. It is said that they are calling
out to announce a gathering at the Dome by the Ministry of the City
and, specifically, the Office of Inquisition. All Highborn are invited to
join along with their common staff and personal guard. Merchant family
members are to be included.


[Mon Jul  6 12:26:54 2020] Reaping the Harvest

Servants in Azure and Black announce that donations to Ministries of Styax
wood raw and in whole logs, will officially count towards winning the Harvest
Contest leading up to the Ocotillo Festival. All donations of such can be made
through the Highborn of House Oash, or by reaching out to either Lord's Inquisitor
Sahtuk Valika and Krattock Jal. Just make sure you mention House Oash and the
Harvest Contest to have your points added to your tally. Additionally heads of
known raiders, rogue mages, and Defilers are rumored to be worth extra points.
The winners' pot for the contest this Festival's cycle is said to be five
large, including a bottle of Oashi Silver, and seats at the Nobles events and
Highborn Auctions.


[Fri Jul 17 09:18:43 2020] Smelt 'at shit!

A dusty grebber is overhead speaking at a table.

"Oi, bells rang jus' tha other day. Fucken' love 'at sound, ah do.
Anyways, figure we got some games or somethin'. Went ta go see
some fuckers chopped up! Was real excited but then 'at Inquisitor, ya
know tha one...ah aint bout to say his name. Anyway, 'at Lord
Inquistior announced wasn't no games! First ah was figuren' ta leave
but then he announced some Jal employee done tried to burn down
somethin' er someshit so ah figure it was gonna be good. Said 'at he
was doen' tha will of one of em Great Lords so she musta pissed off
someone. Them redsdon't be even looken' at'em, burn yer eyes out
they will.

Anyway, he done drug her out to tha sands by her fucken' hair, kicked
her a bit, an' branded her...on her fucken' mout'! Oi! Ya could smell
tha burnt all tha way up in tha stands, it were fucken' great! Weird
thing is, even wit' her mouth moven' an' her eye cryen, she ain't
made even a sound. Was kinda eerie, fucken' creeped me right out.

Anyway, ah heard 'at merchant is looken' ta hire folks fer 'at one haul
ah' told ya 'bout, o'er 'at wood from tha silt-sea..."

The conversation turns and is drowned out by the sounds of the


[Thu Jul 23 15:23:08 2020] Tasks From the Templarate

Word trickles down from rowdy militiamen to the typical tavern-going crowds
that the recently public Lord Templar Thratahris Oash is seeking resilient
folk for ventures into some of the knowns most dangerous places in return
for generous pay and the possibility of 'advancement'. Whatever manner of
advancement this is exactly no one seems to know.

Some drunkards can be heard scoffing at the idea, "He's probably just after
grebbers to fill his coffers! Nothing new." one particularly confident
patron exclaims, but others, in more hushed tones, mutter that perhaps
there is something more to the request.


[Thu Jul 23 23:21:19 2020] Get rich or die trying!

Words spread like wildfire over dry shrubs as servants clad in gold and
purple visits every local watering hole, announcing an excessively sizeable
amount of a bounty upon a defiler known as Ketheo. This creature is declared
as a common enemy of Allanak, spreading heresy and blasphemy, but it is the
bounty itself that spawns the most talk. Apparently, the announced bounty on
this abominable creature amounts to a total of seventy five thousand coins,
a number that is suggested to be growing weekly. It is declared that the
young Lady Ellisia of House Rennik is involved, and that those interested
should likely reach out to her for more details.


[Fri Aug 21 06:35:56 2020] Murder and Execution

At first, there isn't much talk about the double-murder and execution. But
given time, the murmurs solidify into something tangible for the mongers
to latch onto. In one of the city's common taverns a Noble's aide was
viciously murdered -- then, one of the officers attempting to arrest the
killer. There is dispute about the killer's motivations, with the
reputation of the aide being well-liked in some circles and lauded for
her beauty.
The murderer was tossed into the Nursery and devoured shortly thereafter.


[Sat Sep 12 01:37:16 2020] Death of an abomination

Scattered gossip passes around the lower end taverns that one of the too
many defilers running amok was finally taken down.  Details seem scarce but
it most agree it was the stump Olek.  A disgruntled, blood covered brown
cloak or two shake their heads at the tales and keep to their drinks.


[Sat Sep 12 16:16:19 2020] Ricotar-Da, Destroyer of Olek!

Word spreads quickly through a majority of the known
about a recent battle, planned and directed by Dealer
Ricotar-Da, which lead to the defiler known as Olek's
death. Newly released to the public, it said the Dealer
brought together all of the tribals, both human and
elven, along with the help of the T'zai Byn, in what is
being described as aglorious battle. With these rumors
of praise, darker rumors are also mentioned, that some
in House Salarr had been working with and assisting
ungemmed associates of Olek. While those that speak of
the latter are less frequent, what is heard over the
rest is of the honor and glory brought to House Kurac
and the Outpost from this Dealer's swift victory


[Sat Sep 12 16:59:03 2020] The Senate Draws Near

   Even the most reclusive, fall down drunk rinther has seen the
increased activity about His city by now.  Pages and criers from every one
of His Nine Highborn Houses and the Ministries of His Templarate have been
running back and forth from Noble Quarter, as far as the seedy Gaj and
anywhere in between.  Scrolls change hands, pouches are passed during quiet
whispers, and gradually word begins to circle out like a ripple from those
brave enough to eavesdrop - The Senate is upon His City once again. 
   Some sources claiming to be in the know speak of various House efforts,
such as Oash and Kasix seeking funding for road projects, Tor wishing to
build or reclaim a war fortress, and even the GMH Houses joining the fray
over some special motion of their own.  What really has tongues wagging,
however, is talk of House Tiers, that have largely been left out of a number
of previous Senate gatherings.  An even smaller segment of people nervously
whisper about how they heard 'The Voice of Highlord', shall be present.
Rampant speculation spins off these tales as to who that may be and just
what they intend to do over the House Tiers.  Is the Highlord himself
displeased with some of His Nine? 

These questions shall be answered in but two months time.

(OOC: This will be taking place Saturday, October 10th @ 9pm server)


[Sat Sep 19 04:41:24 2020] The crimson wind strikes again!

   Rumors quickly fly through the city, upon discovery of a pile of slave
heads at the corpse pile.  Investigation quickly led to the scene of a
massacre.  It seems the Crimson Wind, that notorious band of criminals,
raiders, thieves and murderers, have left another bloody scene behind.  Some
say as many as a dozen slave workers from the obsidian mines were murdered
in cold blood.  Information about this incident should be reported to the
nearest templar.  Those found to be harboring or abetting these raiders will
surely be punished to the fullest extent of His Fiery Wrath. 

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Re: Southern
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[Sun Aug  2 21:29:43 2020] The Bloodsalt Statue Prize

Word is spread by bisht-wearing students in the Arboretum that there is an
incentive for Highborn and affluent merchant donors! The defiler Ketheo's
bounty being organized by the Lady Ellisia Rennik has a reward for the
most generous donor. The Atrium students say that the artist Ellenoire
Terash will be carving a statue from valuable bloodsalt. The pink salt was
given up to the patriotic cause by the affable Lady Kenna Jal -- upwards of
thirty large worth of material. Coupled with the surrealistic style of the
Terash, it would make for an incredibly valuable piece of art. There's
hushed rumors about her last lifesize statue auctioning for twenty large
-- and isn't she the artist chosen for a massive Noble House monument?
Have you ever wanted an immense statue of you slaying a vicious defiler?
Now is your chance! The winner of the prize is to be revealed at a
planned celebration after the slaying of the defiler. Donate toward the
bounty today!

[Fri Sep  4 22:43:00 2020] Escorted pages...

Soldiers wearing fine leather armor and full-face coverings have been
seen escorting jade-clad pages with silken sashes to the local taverns,
gathering places, and busier roads of His city. The pages call out in loud,
clear voices:

By decree of the Great Lady Templar Maewon Borsail..."

<a long pause is given as eerie silence takes over>

They continue, "Lord Inquisitor Sahtuk Valika has been bestowed the
title The Eye of His Empire along with all privileges and rights as so
given and dictated."

They linger only a few breaths before leaving and returning the
establishments to their normal commotion, merriment, arguments, or
brawls. Some whisper and wonder what it all might mean or what
privileges and rights but very few are bold enough to speak in anything
more than hushed tones about it.

[Mon Sep 21 21:41:59 2020] Slaves Attacked.

   Grebbers and hunters alike share a tale that bandits attacked and
freed a number of slaves out on the west road.  The soldiers and overseers
protecting these slave units were apparently slain, and some slaves even
managed to secure their freedom in the bloody encounter.  How many slaves
escaped is not clear, but those circulating the rumors are near certain that
those involved were a sizeable crew of the Crimson Wind.