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What Your Character Would Know: the app process
« on: August 22, 2020, 06:21:11 PM »
An idea, wondering if people think this could be useful.

In the Hall of Kings, there would be an option after pointing to the map.

>Would you like to know what your character would know about the last 15 game-years of [location]? Y/N

If yes - you'd get a couple of paragraphs explaining what noteworthy events have gone on in this location over the past 15 game-years. If no, you'd continue through the Hall of Kings to the spawn point. That way people who just finished a character in that area and are making a new one in the same area don't have to deal with page scroll of stuff they already know about.

The information could be on a rolling 15-year basis, or it could be "within the most recent King's Age through the present" or whatever. It's arbitrary at this point but it could be made to represent a certain "current events" period in the location's history.

Special App characters could opt to have it sent to them before they get to the Hall of Kings, as part of their acceptance note when their special app is approved.
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