Help with the IG Word Editor

Started by Saiseiki, July 15, 2020, 09:01:53 PM

Does anyone have any tips for how to make the in-game word editor an easier experience?  Specifically, I'm wondering about hitting the right-hand margin on it - I've tried making the margins of the document I'm working within match the game parameters, but that hasn't seemed to help.

Thanks, all.
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A quick note is for character main descriptions, double spaces after periods will automatically be added, which can impact margin adjustments.

Another note is text/code editors like sublime text, vscode or vim will typically show character counts per line which can help you be precise with line length.

lastly if you type .h in the editor you can see options that might help, like .f
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Step 1) Write thing in notepad (or similar)
Step 2) Break into sentences.
Step 3) Copy individual sentences into Armageddon.
Step 4) Type .f
Step 5) Type .s
Step 6a) Optional: Copy text back out into notepad, as I don't like the way .f necessarily does things and I neaten it up.  It is now formatted to fit the text width and line-by-line.
Step 6b) Paste line-by-line text in (can do it each line at a time, can just paste the block and it will sort itself out).
Step 6c) Type .s to check it looks good.
Step 7) Type ~ to confirm purchase!

Least, that is my method.  For IC drawing/writing, for my character's main description, for board posts.
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Notepad. Wordwrap on. Consolas font size 11.

Copy and paste a room description into the notepad, and adjust the size of the window until it fits EXACTLY, character for character, line for line, what you see in your game buffer.

Now delete that description, and type whatever you want in notepad.

When you're finished, copy and paste no more than 3 lines at a time into your game editor, until you've pasted the whole description.

use .i to reformat the whole thing and indent the first line of the paragraph (which makes it better looking).

If you save the notepad file, it will save in the exact size you need to write any other thing you want in the game. You can append as needed. I do this for each character I make.
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Character width when formatted with the .f key is 77 characters.

Use an online wordwrap to wrap each line at 77 once you're done writing it in notepad.

Do not use a non-typewriter text font as curly apostrophes and quotations won't be parsed and will go missing.

Put an extra carriage return between paragraphs if you want them spaced apart.

Okay, for me, I've made all lines of my mdesc exactly 71 characters long, then the first word of every line after the first has to be at LEAST five letters long.

Once I landed on this formula, I haven't tried anything else.

For some reason, if that first word of the following line isn't at least five letters, it jacks everything up.  For whatever reason, the first line reads two extra spaces before the sentence and I've had no luck compensating for that on the right hand side of the column.

Example Given:
The most notable thing about this medium-sized human are his incredibly
unsightly facial features.  Ugly, paleish skin is splattered with blood
marks and the lower half is severely pockscarred.  Dark bearded stubble
partially conceals the numerous scars and markings down his jawline.  A
receding hairline doesn't help either.  Thinning, obsidian colored hair
retreats back towards his crown, the hair itself cut short, near to the
scalp.  The cartilage atop his right ear has been cut, a sizeable notch
close to a quarter of an inch in space the result.  A ropeburn mars his
throat about the front, the ends starting below his ears.  From beneath
hooded eyelids that have been etched on either side by crows feet, dull
brown eyes peer out, the color of which similar to human excrement. 
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Personally, I'm fond of Notepad++ for writing things in the editor. As long as everything is within 80 characters per line (or maybe a little more?), and you break into a new line you can practically format it whatever you're writing or drawing or posting on a board however you want. Includes options for text wrapping, character counter at the bottom, and by default saves everything you're writing in case you accidentally close the program.

Very helpful replies, everyone.  Thank you muchly.   :)
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