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Re: Your Favorite Character
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Re: Your Favorite Character
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Name: Xaren (“known only by his fake name Lyn”)
Sdesc: The thin, lean young man.

A few weeks after being Promoted he was at gate duty and came back to see his Sarge and Friend, Rot and one other dead with the unit in shambles. He requested to keave the Byn right then and there being unable to deal with the loss mentally, a spice pipe was found in his Aba and he fled the compound, becoming a deserter and a criminal in Allanak for bringing spice.

Oh snap, usually I don't know when people post about their old characters but I was there for this!! Actually the character that witnessed this is one of my favorites but she did not live long!

Aya (the athletic, golden-skinned woman) was my first bynner! And I got to go on a sewer patrol and it was insane!! It was so much fun and I was super enjoying her. But I was a dumb noob and died because I thought I could way while traveling with the sarge to Luirs to get another stranded bynner. We ran into some gith. Got thrown from my beetle, then knocked out. Andddd Mantis head..

I literally cried I was so upset at her death/my stupidity.. (I was also 8 months pregnant at that time but I can't entirely blame it on that)

I remember yoooou! Aya was awesome dude! I had a ton of fun playing with you and everyone else in the Byn as Trooper Lyn. I was a noob too at the time, ugh.

also, relatable dying like that, RIP aya.

resting as a city elf walking in the wilderness because "I was so close" and then got jumped by things that could easily kill me and I didn't have the stamina to escape.

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Re: Your Favorite Character
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Only one?  I want to rave about all of them.  But....


One of my favourites, just because she was so damn much fun to play, was Sweetness (or Sweets for short).  The shapely, red-headed half-giant.

She had been jilted by her boyfriend for human girls because half-giant men are so stupid that they fall for them all the time.  And they don't even know!

She decided that if human girls were enough to send half-giant men off the rails, then she was going to go find herself a human man lover.  She tried with damn near every human male she met but had zero success....despite having shaved her legs and her shaveables and sculpting her eyebrows and doing all the things that human women did to attract a mate.  She hit on men hard and frequently but had not luck.  Poor girl.

Alas she died early and never got a chance to find that one special man who would disappoint her in bed.

Initial background:

I was borned in Nak, least that's what they told me when I started to
learn to remember things like that.  Maybe they told me diferent before,
but like I said, I didn't start to learn to remember things all the way back
then.  But I been all over, to this place where they grow stuff and to Storm
where they got the spice that makes you all tingly down there and to Luir's
where it's so windy I bought pants to keep the sand outta my lady parts.
That's where I met Num.  He was even bigger'n me and we got to be friends
and then I let him play with my lady parts and it was a lot of fun.  But he got all
funny eyed for a human girl!  So I told him that he don't even know and didn't
let him play with my lady parts no more.  Then I met Grunt, and his name fits cuz
he sure grunted a lot when we were kanking.  But he got all funny eyed for
a human girl too!  Not near as pretty as me, so I told him he don't even know too.
But I learned, so I brush my hair all nice and dye it all red so it's really pretty.
And I sharp up a knife and I shave my legs even.  And my eyebrows too, like I
seen some human girls do.  Now I'm even prettier
than them.  The other giants they can go chase the human girls, cuz I'm
gonna go and chase the human men.  Maybe even the breed men.  But not
the sharp men, they too skinny for me.  Them dumb giants, they don't even know.