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Hilton Head, SC
« on: June 09, 2020, 12:16:17 PM »
Wanna talk about old Armageddon plots and secrets for hours?
Want MUDSEX tips?
Do you want to [redacted] how my characters [redacted] [redacted] their [redacted] 3 years ago?
Hate me and wanna tell me off to my face?

I will be traveling south to Hilton Head and will be there June 13th through 19th if anyone wants to meet up!

I'll be out of my element and without my usual weaponry, be kind.

I'm taking an indeterminate break from Armageddon for the foreseeable future and thereby am not available for mudsex.
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Re: Hilton Head, SC
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If ANYONE has Man Hands, it's Her!!
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Re: Hilton Head, SC
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Huh. We'll see.
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