How to Extend a Log with MUSHClient?

Started by Saiseiki, May 19, 2020, 09:31:59 AM

Howdy!  So, I've been using MUSHClient for a hot minute, and generally enjoy it.  However, the fact that it cuts off at 5,000 lines in the buffer for logging purposes makes me a sad player sometimes.  Is there any way to extend or even get rid of this limit? 

It's bad enough that I'm giving serious consideration to going back to the flawed, yet defaults-to-no-log-limit SimpleMU.  Ah, SimpleMU.
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."

I use MUSHClient! You can set the output buffer in right click -> World configuration -> Output -> "Number of lines in output buffer", near the bottom.

That's different from logging, though, which is in World configuration -> Logging and can be set up to write everything that happens to a file you can read later, regardless of what you've got your buffer set to. I could be misunderstanding, but I don't think the output buffer affects what gets logged.

I'll try it out - thanks!  ;D
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."

You can create logs in MUSHClient with Shift+Control+J. This will begin to "log [the] session" and create a notepad file wherever you desire. You can even access these files as you're playing/logging, in case you need to check something. It also filters out the input commands.

I've gotten in the habit of creating a new log every time I launch the client, so I have a log for (nearly) every day of play.

File -> World Properties

Then there's a new dialog window and on the left side under General is Logging

I suggest making a folder in a place you won't accidentally delete and then having them all go there.

This is the naming scheme I use for my logs armageddon_<current_character_name>%a%d%b.txt

%a: Refers to the day of the week. (e.g. Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.)
%d: Refers to the numerical date
%b Refers to the name of the month.

One thing to keep in mind is that once midnight rolls around everything that happens will go into yesterday's log unless you make a new session. I THINK (but have not properly checked this) if you lose link for a moment it will make a new log.

Ah, thanks to both of y'all.  This will definitely help to ease some of my anxiety.  Some of the most important moments for me as an r'per have been going way, way back in logs and rereading what the character was thinking/feeling at that time, and then relating that to the current version of them.  Can really gain some insight into how much and also in which direction they've shifted doing that.
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."