without reading any replies post what the word "plot" in arm means to you

Started by Lotion, May 09, 2020, 06:54:38 PM

I see the word thrown about and honestly it seems like people seem to think plots are huge world change overarching events when really I feel like every "week" I create and resolve dozens of smaller plots. I will admit that some plots are bigger than others (and I'll have to look at my notes for a few minutes before logging on to make sure I'm clear with myself on where my character stands on various bits of it) just because of all the other players involved and I need to be sure I'm approaching the whole thing properly.

To me, it is only a plot if it was planned and organized. Otherwise its just a storyline.

A plot is overarching and involves a few scenes over the course of a few days at minimum.

To me a plot is anything that begins, involves others in some manner or another, and requires a resolution in order to end.

Plot example:

I want to make a bahamet-shell suit of armor. That's the beginning.
I need hunters to hunt bahamets - but I also need to find hunters who are trained to survive it, and bring back the shells. Creating a training clan for these hunters is one way to involve others.
The solution would be either me getting the shells and creating armor, or being PKed because my crew of hunters has been raiding and my character is thought to be the leader of a raiding crew, not a hunting crew.

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To me, plots are things that are started both in the game and out of the game, most commonly by leaders in their respective clans. But plots can start from anywhere, like Lizzie posted.

A plot can be as simple as 'I want to survive', and stories are inherently told by trying to see the plot to fruition.

Other plots can be throwing a party, hiring the Byn to go get X Y Z from Location B, arranging the murder of a rival, or poisoning the water source of Luirs.

Stories are the things that come from plots, and sometimes that plot is just living. I do think you are right in saying that many plots are resolved daily or weekly, sometimes monthly, sometimes never. I wouldn't say a plot is synonymous with a story or storytelling, as 'plots and plotting' seem much more actively involved. A story can happen with or without your control or consent, or an active hand.

A plot, in Arm, is anything that involves 2 or more players (or one player versus the virtual world, super rare) in which roleplay and coded skills need to be utilized in order for additional story to take place.

Most plots revolve around interpersonal issues, or PC A wanting to be of a higher political station than PC B.
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