Population numbers.

Started by Anonymous, November 05, 2003, 11:19:26 AM

Is there any possible way that population for well-known clans, city-states and how those clans are distributed among the different population centers could be published somewhere on the web?

I think this would be extremely useful when determining how inter-clan relationships should be.

An example is below, all numbers completely off of the top of my head or attempts to remember a post by Sanvean.

Allanak Total Population: Approximately 450k
Tuluk Total Population: Approximately 450k
Red Storm Total Population: Approximately 50k
Red Storm East Total Population: Approximately 20k

Total Population: 1500
Tuluk: 1000
Allanak: 499
Red Storm: 1

Total Population: 1500
Tuluk: 499
Allanak: 499
Red Storm: 502


This would do a few things on a world-wide and a city-state basis:
  • Provide you with a frame of reference on how rare it might be to meet a person from a given village/city or clan in your given location.
  • Provide a frame of reference for how truly strong a clan is in numbers.  Ie, do the Byn outnumber the militia in Allanak?  Do they outnumber Borsail's guard?  Right now the only way people can make that distinction is typically from PC numbers which I don't believe are truly indicative of anything more than a busy recruiter.
Obviously the list would be fluid and would be an approximation.  But knowing that in Red Storm there's only a handful of Kadians while there is a crap load of Kuracis (obviously there for the spice) would certainly shape interaction between those two clans.  A kuraci in Red Storm might feel a little more inclined to trying to threaten, strongarm or be a jerk to a Kadian whereas Kadius' proliferation in the north (obviously for the wood) would reverse the situation.