Karma regen in...

Started by spicemustflow, April 03, 2020, 09:11:33 AM

Hi, maybe dumb, but how do I see in how many days will my point regenerate if I'm between characters? The in game menu only shows my current options.

If I remember correctly, karma regen will only occur while you have an approved PC. So if you do not intend on playing until you have karma options back, you still need to have a PC active.
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it shows each time you log in with a character and deducts a day from the ticker down until the next point. So..as far as I heard logging in once a day is important..
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It only updates when you go into a char, but the ticker goes on if you log in or not :)
So if your timer is up, you have to log in once to a char and then the karma regens.
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