Correct Slot to Fix the Description of an Item Via Request Tool?

Started by Saiseiki, January 05, 2020, 09:46:13 PM

What is the preferred drop-down menu option to fix/bug an item's description with the Request Tool?  Is it under "Game Related"?  Thanks everyone.

Edit to add:  Same question for a skill that's gone missing from the character sheet?  (I thought I was crazy, then found old logs that proved it existed - yay!)
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."

For characters I'd put it in clan/question.

For items I'd just bug it in game.

For both I'd change objective get the character/item bug fixed

and then remember to change objection none when it gets fixed (or if it's no longer relevant)
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Appreciate it!
Labor omnia vincit - "(Hard) work conquers all."