Author Topic: Brawl Code in the Gaj, And Why I Think We Need It  (Read 1737 times)

Brawl Code in the Gaj, And Why I Think We Need It
« on: October 20, 2002, 11:13:06 PM »
Something just struck me. It involves an incident that happened quite recently... In fact my character is sitting in jail right now because of it.  :P . The classic story... I picked a fight, because I figured it was IC. And it was actually a fairly enjoyable bit of RP, and I sincerly hope the other fighter enjoyed it as much as I did...

Without getting too IC, because this was a recent event, what happened was the other fighter threw the first IC punch via an emote and the 'touch' command, and I was the first to make it a hard-coded battle. I expected to lose, and quickly, and I wasn't suprised that I passed out after a brief exchange of blows. I -was- suprised to find, however, that my unconscious body was being dragged off to jail.

First of all, I'm kind new to coming back to the game... I took about a month long break. At the time I left, it was my understanding that a brawl code was going to placed in the Gaj... After the month or two I was gone, I assumed it would be there. I guess I was wrong... And no sour grapes. I don't care, it's no big loss for me. However, I'd like to know, is a brawl code going to implented in some of the seedier parts of Zalanthas, or has that idea been scrapped? It just doesn't seem very IC to me, the way things are...

My foe threw the first IC punch, and I doubt he was punished for it. I even allowed his emoted swing to strike me... However, since I hard-codedly attacked him (And didn't hit him, none the less) a sudden swat team of militia soldiers leaped to my victim's aide... And I was just sort of... Huh?

Other then venting, I'm posting this to say that I think a brawl code in the Gaj would be plenty IC... And yes, I can see how it could be abused... In which case, are we expected to fully emote and 'touch' our brawls? I guess I'd be cool with that... If I'd known about it ahead of time.  :? . I'm pretty sure I have more to write, and some stronger arguments to place, but I'm having too much fun sitting in jail  :D . I realize this was sort of IC, sorry, but I really couldn't avoid it this time... And once again, I hope whoever I was RPing with had a good time also... I know they did great, and I hope I didn't inconvience your character too much... Oh well, that's all. So tell me, sages of the GDB:

Brawl code, yes, no, we don't care, or it's already there you stupid moron, you just did it wrong?
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Brawl Code in the Gaj, And Why I Think We Need It
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2002, 11:26:59 PM »
I think you'll get a better response if you write this in the Ask the Staff section, because AFAIK they're the only ones who know if/when it will be implemented. I remember an Imm (possibly Sanvean) saying she was going to re-write the Red Storm Brawl code before she implemented it.

Just one small question, what -does- touch do?


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Brawl Code in the Gaj, And Why I Think We Need It
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Touch is a command to assist in emoting with others.  You use touch and it tests your agility, their agility and maybe some other random things, who knows? and if you succeed a message goes to everyone that you touched (him/her/it) and if not a fail message goes out.
You use touch if you're trying to (slap/punch/something else to appease your (sick desires/false gods)) someone.  You touch them before emoting, and emote the results.

touch guy
He nimbly jumps out of the way of your touch (or something).

:swings hard at ~guy, missing

pem fist swings around in a wide arc, hitting him in the side of his own head.  Three stooges style
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« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2002, 04:36:43 PM »
I don't really like some of the Red Storm brawl code, so I was tweaking it. I'll see if I can bully someone else into finishing it, because I'm swamped atm.