MUSHClient help please. Particularily mapper plugin

Started by Darmon, September 13, 2019, 12:31:51 AM

I used to play with zmud back in the day. I see that for free client MUSHClient is recommended. I am surprised I don't see a big Beetleguise neon sign saying download this perfect plugin for all things armageddon for MUSHClient.

Anyways that being said I could really use some help. I know about things like triggers, aliases and stuff and have used zmud mapper. But I am lost when it comes to MUSHClient and all the other plugin jargon. Perhaps someone could walk me through/coach me through a messenger or something?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I don't map stuff client-side, I map them by hand. But do keep in mind that parts of the game are non-linear and won't map correctly.
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I don't mind mapping by hand. I have done it for years. And I am aware of the non-linear parts. Sometimes I found out the hard way : ). I just thought that by now someone would have developed plugins that work great with Arm. I have seen how far some mapping systems have come over the years.

I will map by hand for now and hopefully someone helps me eventually or I figure it out.

Hey there,

Understand you're trying MUSHClient (I use it to and I'm a fan), but perhaps you could try Mudlet if you're after some mapping functionality. One of our members, Azurionalist, has helped put together some really neat tools for it:,53737.0.html
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