Sneaking, hiding, and aggro npcs outside

Started by Outside the gates, November 02, 2003, 08:17:05 PM

My question:

'Can you use a combinaton of sneak and hide (as a ranger), to bypass aggro NPCs (and mobs) out in the wilderness? If so, can it be done on a consistant basis (by someone with enough skill) ?

Of less concern, but still nice to know, would be whether you can surprise auto-flee creatures with similar techniques?'

So I read back over various previous threads, looking for an answer to my question, and find a lot of conflicting information. It's all from players mind you, not much of a resonse from the staff, so I don't know what to make of it. Some players do insist, that without any doubt, some of these things CANNOT be done (at least with any consistancy whatsoever), while others lay claim that they have done, and do avoid aggro NPCs, as well as sneak up on auto-flee creatures.

So I'm looking for some educated thoughts, maybe from staff or experienced outdoor types, on whether sneaking/hiding can be used effectively against NPCs outdoors.

I've recently been playing loner PC types that spend most of their time outdoors, so I've got a fair idea as to what it takes to survive. However, I am looking for alternative methods of dealing with hostile NPCs and mobs, to the usual avoid surrounding areas/fight to the death/run techniques.

Note, the reason I'm not willing to find out IC is because I do not consider this an IC issue. I would have just assumed that what I am asking would indeed work (it's only logical), until I discovered the previous posts on the topic...