Good fit in general for Arm according to Bartle's?

Started by Dreadlock, April 25, 2019, 04:47:34 PM

I found and took Bartle's test and I was curious as to the opinions of the more experienced if my play style fits well in the Arm culture? Here are my results:

Comments/suggestions/tips much welcome!
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I'd recommend maybe joining an independent group -- One where there's enough freedom to hunt/regularly leave the walls/explore and not be beholden to NPCs/a schedule. There's a few kicking around IG right now, if you look in the right places, and ask around.
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I also would say that independent outdoorsy type would probably satisfy your explorer parts.

Maybe look at getting a family role call going to find people of similar inclinations and playtimes as you to get the most outta it.  Plus if you're exploring and gonna get attacked by things, it's best to have more manpower(or dwarfpower or elfpower etc).

Looks like raider material to me. 40% socializing, 40% griefing, 100% profit.
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To the OP: I think you would fit in well here. There is a lot to explore and a rich environment and history.

Never took the test, here are my results..Sounds Pretty spot on.

The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology
60% Achiever
33% Explorer
27% Socialiser
This result may be abbreviated as KAES
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