A Massive Explosion

Started by Brokkr, April 22, 2019, 05:35:30 PM

If you were outside, you would have seen it.  If inside, you would have heard and felt it.

The volcano, spewing forth ash for awhile now, started acting up.  Then....

It exploded. Rock and lava thrown high into the air, up and up and up, cresting and then...

Reverting along the explosive path, imploding back towards the volcano!

The ash, the massive amount of ash, remains in the air, obscuring  Suk-Krath itself!

IC:  As the explosion faded, many were relieved that things seem back to normal. Except for some, those with particular connections, where things were not back to normal, but different.  Whether these people were relieved, or not, remains to be seen.

OOC:  Vivaduan and Krathi subclasses have been updated.  This may result in characters playing these subclasses gaining or loosing spells. Additionally there are mechanical aspects of magick that may not work how people are used to (which can be treated IC'ly).

And a second OOC note:  If you haven't played a Rukkian or Whiran since the great quake a few months ago, or a Vivaduan or Krathi since, hmmm, now, you may not know this.  But subclass mages aren't some anemic magicker that has a 1/3 of the spells of a guild elementalist.

More like roughly 55%-75% of the spells, depending on the guild and subclass.

Oops.  Sorry, except Touched.  They are still anemic.