Author Topic: What makes a good Byn Sergeant?  (Read 7389 times)


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Re: What makes a good Byn Sergeant?
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A good Sergeant always has an up to date post in the Gaj/taverns with information on who the active IC Sergeants are. It is an extremely easy thing to do but shockingly it is not always done. Sergeants could also visit the Gaj/public places periodically. Even if a Sergeant has a bunch of recruits, it is important to make an effort to interface with new players who could benefit from the clan.
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Re: What makes a good Byn Sergeant?
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Triste's points are all good. Personally I loved Sarges who didn't overcoddle or overprotect the runners, without willfully trying to kill them. Those are the Sargeants that really made the game stick for me.
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