Changing mail address for the game?

Started by zztri, November 11, 2018, 02:37:23 PM


I just realized my usual mail provider, seems to be blocking mails from armageddon. Even worse is that it's not redirecting them to spam or anything, it simply doesn't receive them. It's the second time they did that, so I changed my provider to another, local and dependable one.

I changed my mail for the board but I can't see where I can do the same for the game neither in the telnet client nor in the website. May you direct me to where I can change it so the staff may know not to mail to my old address?

I have no idea why, but you need to chose '(C) Disconnect from your character' from the main menu. Then you will have an option '(E) Change your Email' on the main menu where you can do just that and change your email.
A rusty brown kank explodes into little bits.

Someone says, out of character:
     "I had to fix something in this zone.. YOU WEREN'T HERE 2 minutes ago :)"

Thank you very much. I had never thought of disconnecting from my character.