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Started by Maso, October 18, 2018, 06:03:24 AM

Been a few years I think! Looks like quite a lot has changed. Sadly though, I'm now in a super off-peak timezone and wondering how healthy is the pb right now?
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What timezone are you in? I typically play in the 'EU slot' between 2 pm and 6 pm server. This one was very busy (for off peak) until maybe four or five months ago with 30 players or so, but has been down to the 20 or so, plus or minus a few since then.
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Peak is generally 40+ from the looks of it.

Granted, peak has changed. I am not even sure when it is now.

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Welcome back! I think off-peak is a very valid time to play nowadays - it has more activity than normal? Peak has dropped its numbers a little bit.

I think the community has vastly improved and you should give us a try. :) Every new player is good for the game.

Like others are indicating, the playerbase seems to have spread out a bit.  Pretty typical to see ~30 people at most times of the day EST.

It dips here and there and then picks up a bit at the old peak.

I can't speak to the opposite side of the clock.
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I play odd hours and the playerbase tends to drift nicely between 13 and 32 in those times. Things really have shifted. It's a good change and I like it. Still, if you enjoy social roles I'd stick to the city.
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The off peak times seem to have a little bit more folks than they did in the past, actually.
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Hi Maso
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Yeh, hi, Maso.
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I've been playing alot in the very early AM, pacific standard.  still usually a dozen or do people on even at 4am
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I too, came back. It's changed. Pretty good so far, still working through some of the changes myself (I've only just found out the brew code for tablets and such was changed!) Playing GMT currently and there's usually between 7-20 odd people on whereas a few years ago I'd be lucky to see up to 5 online.

Also, Hi Maso.
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