A Question for All of Time

Started by Cind, September 13, 2018, 05:08:00 AM

What's your favorite brand of coffee? Do you ever grind your own beans? Describe to me your coffee life so that those of us who want staff coffee may emulate it for all of time.
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I also don't drink coffee.  I do like the smell of it though.

I like my beans from Black Rifle Coffee Company.

Sometimes I grind my own, sometimes I use a press with pre-ground beans.

I grind my own, by hand.
Right now I'm enjoying a nice dark roasted Thai, small batch from Trader Joe's.
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I live in a constant state of tea or coffee debates. If I don't opt for tea, then I love the Trung Nguyen brand because it makes a delicious glass of Vietnamese iced coffe.

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