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Started by Xanous, September 22, 2002, 03:27:56 PM

Everyone has to put their race as a keyword, but can this be changed for half-elves who are trying to pass off as a full blooded race?

As we all know, putting half-elf as a keyword really gives you 'half' and 'elf' keywords, which causes all sorts of mixups.  It not only lets the quirri out of the bag OOCly if the person is trying to keep that fact a secret, it's an annoyance to keep getting the tall, lanky man when you really are refering to some elf.

Half-elf isn't really a race icly anyways.
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Quote from: "Xanous"
Half-elf isn't really a race icly anyways.

You're right.  They're just filthy animals ;).
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It doesn't really matter, because if a person does an assess -v at you, they will see that you are of a different race.

In cases like that I guess you just have to leave it up to the other players to RP accordingly. If they always thought you were human (or elven) and they do an 'assess -v guy' and can tell otherwise, that is finding out kinda OOC imo and shouldnt be taken into IC consideration imo.
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I have played many half elves and found that when I make a human desc the imms doesn't seem to mind that I don't put half-elf as a keyword.

Plus ass says they are young for thier race, not young for a half-elf, At least I believe so
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Not wanting half and elf as keywords, 'cause that's dumb if you are neither a half or an elf, I use sometimes use halfelf as the racial keyword and I've never had the application reviewer "fix" it back to half-elf.  That way your buddies won't accidentally attack you when they start fighting some scuzzy elf.  

Do elves call 'em half-men?    :twisted:

If it looks human, and you are human, then when the assess -v shows "he looks young for his race" you pretty much know OOCly that it's a half elf.  It could be some freaky gith defiler with a spell that makes him look human, but what are the chances of that?

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Personally I don't have a problem with someone NOT using "half-elf" as a keyword when creating a half-elven character which otherwise LOOKS human (or elven, although not many seem to try it that way).  One or two staff members have held more strictly to the statement that your race must be included in your keywords, regardless of anything else, when reviewing applications -- however, we have since come to the consensus that not including half-elf can be perfectly OK.

For the sake of interest, the very first time I used assess -v on an apparent human and got back something about blahblah "for their race", it turned out to be some sort of demonchild.  At any rate, I would expect people to treat a character based on what they see and how the character acts, rather than the output of assess -v, which is meant to be a loose/crude comparison at best.

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I've asked the reviewers not to insist on adding the half-elf keyword when it's clear by background/desc/sdesc that the person is trying to "pass".

There's a lot of different races on Zalanthas, and that thing passing as human may very well not be a half-elf, but something more...sinister. Or more benign, depending on your point of view. In any case, if someone's using assess in that way, I'd consider it abuse.

There is no need for a keywrd if it isn't apparent. I have had Half-elves who look human so I didn't use the keyword, and I have had a couple that look like full blooded Longnecks and never had a problem from the imms so It is a ok so far as I have seen.
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