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I'm looking to put together a nice post that summarizes 'year by year' changes to ArmageddonMUD over the past few years.

I am looking for specific code updates (things I can snag from the weekly updates code that Nessalin posts) as well as in game changes that have been made public.


When did Gladiators come into the game?  How should players interact with Gladiators in the bars?
When did the mountain move?

This can be used for publicity as well as a reminder of what has changed in the game.  - Hopefully we can polish it up and create a nice "year in review" PDF.


If you can post a link to it on the GDB   OR a link to the update page from for the specific date, AND have a small blurb about the change, that would be very helpful.

I don't want to do it all myself, so even just one event or change - posted HERE in this thread would be helpful.
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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Mastercraft Custom Craft Policy Updates:,52156.0.html

Staff Changes:,52217.0.html

Player/staff Meeting:,52421.0.html


-We're moving towards dynamic crafting recipes.  Meaning that recipes will no longer be constrained by exact objects.  An example being two logs in the game needing two separate recipes to be turned into planks.

-Changes to shootable weapons.
  -Bows, crossbows, slings, and blowguns have separate skills for use
    -archery (same skill as prior to this change)
    -crossbow use
    -sling use
    -blowgun use
    -must use their own ammo type called 'arrow'
    -delay on load, no delay on shoot
    -Strength and stamina check only checked on load
    -Must use their own ammo type called 'bolt'
    -no delay on load, delay on shoot
    -Must use their own ammo type called 'bullet'.
    -Must use their own ammo type called 'dart'.

-new race, Kagor, added with information provided by Akariel

-Cure vials no longer go away when drunk/used/poured, instead an empty version is left behind for re-use.
-Characters can look at a vial to see if it is empty or has a cure/poison in it.  Note: this is looking at the item not IN it (yet).
-vials no longer go away when drunk/used/poured (on ground or target or on food or on drink con)

-Output when using the 'assess' command on objects has been updated
  -Now displays the material the object is primarily made out of
  -Format updated to (hopefully) be a little cleaner)
  -bow/crossbow/sling/blowgun now say what they are and what kind of ammo they use
  -arrow/bolt/bullet/dart now say that they are ammo and what kind of weapon they need
  -Fixed long standing bug where some skinning weapons would say they were usable for skinning twice
-Added things made from GEM, GLASS, CERAMIC, SALT, and FUNGUS undyeable.

(Akariel, Rathustra)
-Blowgun use, sling use, and crossbow use have been added to primary guild skill trees.  These skills should be added to your character upon logging in if you're supposed to get them.

-Cure items can now be assessed.  (New help entry for 'cure' should help explain the output)
-New spell added to all elementalist subguilds (should get skill at login, there is a helpfile for it, as well.  Much help from Akariel)

-Items worn on torso can now be set to also cover pelvis.  Will let this bake for a week before doing a bulk update of the DB to fix legacy items.

February 25th, 2017

-Added the ability for characters to draw illustrations on books/scrolls. This is not reading/writing.
-Drawing skill added (crafting skill) but maxes at advanced unless certain in character circumstances are met. (Yeah, find out IC)
-Added the ability for characters to gain the skill drawing when drawing illustrations.
-Multi-paged books/scrolls have the ability to have any combination of illustrations and writing if you have the appropriate skills.
-Modification to the 'draw' command to allow characters to draw illustrations.
-Modification to the 'look' command to allow characters to look at illustrations.
-Added an account flag to disable the ability to draw illustrations if it is abused.
-Drawing still requires a writing implement and something to write on (book/scroll etc).
-Added the ability for character to gain RW skill points based on some limiting, realistic and complicated circumstances.
-Note: This doesn't allow you to 'pop' RW like another language.  That still requires the proper RP/Logs and staff approval.  But after the first skill is given this will allow natural gain to work.
-Looking at a book will now show it's age based on the RL date it was created.  This includes all books created over the years. Staff have the ability to override this age as needed per object.
-Freed up some unused values on book/scroll items.
-Fixed a few longstanding bugs to some staff command output.
-Fixed a difficult to find and horribly annoying bug where some mistyped staff commands would cause the game to lag for about 10 seconds.
-Added some functions for use of updating objects with the appropriate illustration flags.

-Acceptable use for illustrations:
-Similar to scribble, illustrations are not to have any written words in them.
-Illustrations are to be descriptions of what was drawn and NOT ASCII art.
-The details of the acceptable use of illustrations is in the 'help illustration' help file.
-Note: This uses the same back end code as Read/Write meaning that it records character/account/time and we have the ability to remove/modify misuses holistically.
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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If you want to know when the magic guilds left the game, you can always just check my signature.

Here it is:,50864.0.html
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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If you want to know when the magic guilds left the game, you can always just check my signature.

Here it is:,50864.0.html

Ahh!  I didn't know the exact date.

I think there is a lot of stuff happening over the past 5 years that new players might want to know about, in one central location.
The 'staff announcements' and 'code changes' threads are great, but I think another view / style of it could be even better.
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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I like this. Are we including the current year? 2018 has had a number of changes. Here's the more 'major' changes and updates I got from staff announcements and release notes for 2015:


Change to starting skill levels - Contact and Barrier
January 8th, 2015

Implementation of CGP in extended subguilds and skill bumps
January 9th, 2015

Change to zone resets and save zones
March 30th, 2015
Discussion thread

Implementation of the Builder role
April 12th, 2015

(IC) A blinding flash of light
April 16th, 2015

New apartments added to Red Storm
May 4th, 2015

Expanded scar offerings
May 25th, 2015

GMH NPC Automated Ordering System
June 14th, 2015

Clay Mining Area Added for Allanak
June 29, 2015

New Pottery Shop, Kilns and Rooftop Rooms Added to Allanak
August 7th, 2015

August 10th, 2015
Release notes

Banking Changes
Discussion thread
-Fee is now on deposit
-Nobles pay no fee (in their city)
-Nobles are addressed by title (in their city)
-Templars pay no fee (in their city)
-Templars addressed by title (in their city)
-GMH Creation of GMH Family clans (House Kurac Family, House Kadius Family, House Salarr Family, House Nenyuk Family)
-GMH Family members pay 1/2 tax of other commoners
-Minimum deposit required when fee is in effect (2,000 or more combined value of deposit + balance)

Forage Changes
-Subguild Grebber can now forage food.

Rinth Starter Shops Live
August 12th, 2015

August 17th, 2015
Release notes
Armor Damage
-Armor can now be damaged by natural weapon attacks (sting, pinch)
-All material types have values associated with their how much damage it takes to break them

Craft Tool Degradation
-Craft tool degradation now takes place after the delay.  This is to keep tools from degrading before the craft attempt is made.
-Tools now only degrade on failed craft attempt.

September 28th, 2015
Release notes
Wine sip messages:
-Updated wine sip/taste messages

Harness/Unharness removed
-Feature had been commented out for ... a very long time, while adding complexity/fragility to the code.
-Roughly 800 lines removed across multiple areas
-Code simplified where risk was low to continue terraforming for future developers.

October 11th, 2015
Release notes
Discussion thread
-Throwing now checks to see if your character should fall.
-Shooting now checks to see if your character should fall.
-Anything that knocks you out makes you fall.
-Falling makes you stop hiding.
-Falling based on non-movement actions now consolidated into one place. Previously each placed performed it's own check, in different ways.
-Verified that +climb gear works, contrary to player beliefs.
-Verified that climbing tools (separate from +climb gear) works, contrary to player belief.

-Anything that knocks you out makes you stop hiding.

October 26th, 2015
Release notes
Discussion thread
-Combat initiates a falling check (as it was supposed to in prior release, this may be an on-going issue as new ways to start combat are identified).
-Modest climb bonus for each free hand (not counting hands holding climb tools)
-When using a climbing tool, climb message will now indicate that the tool is helping.  (climb tools are not the same as items that give a bonus to climb)
"Using a coil of hemp rope, you carefully climb west."
-When a leader goes into a falling room, non-flying followers will stop.  Message will include sector type for most outdoor sectors.  This can be expanded in the future.
"You notice the hills give way to a hazardous fall, and stop following a warrior from team A."
-Message sent when climbing with both hands full (and neither hand is holding a climb tool).
"Struggling with a jeweled iron dagger and a hooded lantern in your hands, you carefully climb west."

Allanak Roofs - 80% Complete
November 4th, 2015

Rentable Tents and Shacks in Luir's Outpost
November 15th, 2015

Newly Revamped Rennik Arboretum
November 18th, 2015
Discussion thread

Foraging and mining changes
December 11th, 2015
Discussion thread

December 14th, 2015
Release notes
Discussion thread
Food items will now age
  -Food items only age when in the game (meaning your food is fine while you're logged out)
  -Food items will not age when held by an NPC merchant
  -Food items will last 192 games hours / 36 RL hours before turning to dust.
  -Food items will get the word 'lightly-spoiled' added to their sdesc and keywords when they have 3 game days left (purely cosmetic at this time)
  -Food items will get the word 'spoiled' added to their sdesc and keywords when they have 1 game day left (purely cosmetic time)

Changes to life oaths and contract lengths in GMHs
December 28th, 2015
Discussion thread


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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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This is SO cool - and just what I was looking for!

Thank you Mansa and Azuriolinist!

Any possibilities of including latest and on-going changes?
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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I forgot I started this

If you want to add to it, go ahead!
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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When did Gladiators come into the game?  How should players interact with Gladiators in the bars?

This one may be from 2013, not in the last five years. But the Arena Games, I think came from Tuluk closing and giving Allanak more things that fit the theme.,46140.msg776151.html#msg776151

I can't find anything before or after this one.
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions
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Heres Some Links And Cut N’ Paste.

Release notes:April 2nd, 2016

-Look changes
  -Look <character> now treated as a hemote, includes any emotes attached to the command, and can be spotted with watch the same as hemote
  -Look <direction> shows items of sufficient weight.
  -Look <direction> does not show empty description for hidden items.
-Skill Setup changes for characters
  -Fixed issue with skill set up on characters for guild/subguild/race/starting location
  -Boosted psi skills on newbies
  -Fixed issue with languages getting correctly set by race
-Fix to messaging in disarm fumbling.

-Updates to forage to account for all the subguilds changes, lately.
February 15th, 2016

-Online creation commands updated to reduce penalty for typos
-Crashbug fixed in staff command
-Changes made to how offense, defense, weapon proficiency, and two handed increase

-Subguild options now update when karma changes
-Account subguild options will be updated on next character login
-Changes to subguilds
--General Crafter removed, characters with 'General Crafter' will be converted to 'Crafter'
--Clayworker removed, characters with 'Clayworker' will be converted to 'Crafter'
--Stonecrafter removed, characters with 'Stonecrafter' will be converted to 'Crafter'
--Scavenger removed, characters with 'Scavenger' will be converted to 'Outlaw'
--Acrobat removed, characters with 'Acrobat' will be converted to 'Outlaw'
--Rebel removed, characters with 'Rebel' will be converted to 'Outlaw'
--Tinker removed, characters with 'Tinker' will be converted to 'Jeweler'
-New Subguilds added
--Bounty Hunter
-Sorcerer subguilds have had their number of spells roughly doubled.
July 11th, 2016

-New wear locations added, items will be updated as time goes by to reflect this change (credit to Akariel for the drive on this project, testing it, and providing feedback).

Thats all I’ll bog you guys with copy paste. LINKS: (more release notes, lol),49825.25.html,49825.50.html

Other:,52685.0.html, a personal favorite.,51918.0.html, forum upgrades.,50936.0.html, changes

Thats all for now.
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2020 Year in Review (Part 1)
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2020 Year in Review (Part 1):

Code Updates:
January 21st, 2020 (Tuesday)
-Fixed an issue where the resize tailor was charging to repair armor but not always repairing it.
-Fixed some legacy code that was returning 'male' for all non-female genders (male, neuter, androgynous)
-Fixed threaten so it will now trigger on kick attempts.
-Fixed threaten so it can no longer be blocked by guards who are not in the room.
-Removed duplicated messages characters involved in threaten /guard interactions were getting.
-Climb messages now used for arrival message similar to what was previously only used for departure messages.
-Exposed various bits of the C code to the JS library.

January 28th, 2020 (Tuesday)
-Fixed a pair of crash bugs in the tent code.
-Fixed a bug in the dye code that prevent tools (regardless of material type) from being dyed.
-Tent items now preserve their environmental/player changes between being rolled up / unrolled and set up.
  -stains (burned, torn, ripped, stained)
-Name of room inside tents (which was always based on rolled up tent sdesc) now includes colors/stains
-Better failure messages when trying to set up a tent to help understand why a given room is unsuitable
  (inside, in city, etc...)

February 12th, 2020 (Tuesday)
-Expanded object colors
-Fixed bug where (null) would appear in room's list when looking from another room (i.e. 'look west')
-Fixed bug with detecting magick auras correctly
-Fixed typo in subdue/release
-Updated a spell to better take advantage of updates to game engine since it was first written

February 24th, 2020 (Monday)
-Fixed crash bug in crafting.
-Typos and functional updates for a spell
-Paralyzing hidden things will no longer let them remain hidden in combat.

March 2nd, 2020 (Monday)
-This release is about 'carts', which are land-based skimmers / small wagons.
  -carts help file
-Carts can be player crafted (more on this in the near future).
-Carts are the same as skimmers in that...
  -characters can sit and stand on them
  -items can be placed on them
  -when they move from room to room they bring the items/characters with them
-Carts are different from skimmers in that...
  -they save their location between reboots (as wagons do)
  -they require mounts be harnessed to them to move, with some values saved
    -attributes (str/agl/wis/end)
    -stats (mvs, hps, stun)

-Things to be careful about...
  -Things on the cart are NOT saved between reboots, currently.
  -Things packed on harnessed mounts are NOT saved between reboots, currently.

-Harness now works for carts.
  -syntax: harness <mount> [to] <cart>
  -unharness help file
-Unharness now works for carts.
  -syntax: unharness <mount>
  -Must be pilot (first occupant) of cart.
  -harness help file

-Looking at room shows all mounts on a single line after cart.
-Looking at cart now shows its mounts (and name if looker is mount owner)
-Assessing a cart now shows how many yokes are used/unused, and mounts and
  their rested level.  Number of yokes limits maximum number of mounts.
-Carts are always displayed to room except when ridden
-Cannot mount something while standing/sitting/sleeping/resting on furniture.
-Cannot mount or hitch something that is harnessed to a cart.
-Cannot pack/unpack things that are already harnessed.
-Cannot harness creatures with inventory/packed items on them.
-Trying to use unhitch on harnessed creature, 'Did you mean unharness?'
-When trying to hitch something to an object, ask if they meant harness.
-Passengers are now seen to 'ride' ride in/out of room on cart.
-Pilot is now seed to 'drive' in/out of room on cart.

March 7th, 2020 (Saturday)
-Tripled how much mounts attached to carts can pull.
-Cannot harness hitched mounts (unless it is hitched to you, in which case the mount is unhitched automatically)
-Mounts leaving the room without the cart don't break carts anymore.
  (flee, summon, hands of wind, fear, etc...)
-Increased rate at which virtual characters buy items from shops
-Staggered out some resource greedy tasks the game performs rather than having them fire all at once creating lag spikes.
-Added some metrics to code execution to help track down future lag spikes.

March 10th, 2020 (Tuesday)
-Fixed some bugs with how cart weight was calculated, should resolve issues of mounts being too weak to pull carts.
-Fixed bug in pack command that would generate incorrect messages if a character in the room shared a keyword
   with the item being packed onto a mount.
-Fixed a bug where, when crafting cures, equipped items could be destroyed as part of crafting.
-Fixed a bug where, when piloting a cart in/out of a wagon the mounts were not being moved with the cart.
-Pilot now takes two arguments
  -"rest" and "stand" which force the mounts to change position as indicated.
  -Assessing the cart will show "(resting)" after mounts that are resting.  Standing mounts do not have their position

March 17th, 2020 (Tuesday)
-Fixed a crash bug in the cart code

April 4th, 2020 (Saturday)
-Skimmers, Carts, and Wagons now interact with wall spells
-Fixed bug when assessing wagons
-Better messages when player cannot pilot a cart or skimmer in a given direction
-Wagons can now be piloted into and out of villages, out posts, etc...
-Piloting in wagons made much less spammy for the pilot
-Added a to-room message for piloting so others can tell who is piloting a wagon
-Fixed typos in disarm messages.
-Fixed typos in assess -v <char> w.r.t. height/weight

Scheduled release for April 5th, 2020 (Sunday)
-Fixed (hopefully) a long standing crash bug in hunt.
-Improved skill gain rate for crafting mash/tablet/vial.
-Fixed message when threaten fails to stop a victim.
-Races can now make use of multiple attack types (i.e. scorpions can now sting/pinch/pinch instead of just sting)
-Mekillot attacks now interact with wall spells.
-Fixed edge case where carts would duplicate.

Helpfile Added:
-Helpfile added intended to clarify IC circumstances around Tuluk closure

April 21st, 2020 (Tuesday)
-Fixed a bug that kept characters from being able to unharness mounts from some carts.
-Fixed a bug that kept characters from being able to rest/stand harnessed mounts that were too tired.
-Fixed a bug in how gemmed casting was restricted.
-Fixed a bug that presented characters with gender 'androgynous' as 'person' instead of 'figure' when hooded.
-Updated follow/chase/shadow, guard, and watch to universally accept the following arguments to stop their respective actions.
  -'me', 'off', 'self', 'none'
-Updated things Javascript can do.

May 10th, 2020 (Sunday)
-Threatening someone you are guarding now causes you to stop guarding the target, first.
-Guarding someone you are threatening now causes you to stop threatening the target, first.
-Fixed messages with guard blocking threaten so that
  -the right characters are displayed in the right order.
  -the modified sdesc is displayed (hooded, masked, etc..) rather than the true sdesc
-Command emotes for opening doors are no longer sent to the opposite side.
  This is because it was generating errors as a result of the characters and
  objects visible on one side of the door were not always visible on the
  other side of the door.  Leading to both an OOC issue (errors) and and IC
  issue (those on the other side of the door gaining information that they
  should not have access to).
-Expanded Javascript insight into what the game engine is doing.
-Added options for staff to flag armor items worn on head as covering features
  and if those items have a movable part to raise/lower, such as a visor, faceplate,
  or veil.
  -Player commands for this are raise/lower <item name>, 'visor', or the name of the
    movable part.
    > raise visor
    > raise faceplate
    > raise helmet
  -When face is covered by a full helmet, or helmet with lowered covering, characters
    will be penalized for actions that rely on the senses. They will get a message about the
    face covering making their attempt more difficult.
  -When raising/lower a visor while attempting to do something the player will get a message
    that their action just became easier or more difficult if it is affected.

May 10th, 2020 (Sunday)
(Nathvaan)  Special thanks to Oryx for all the work put in on this project!

- Added command 'feed' to allow for feeding and caring for one's mount.
- Based on how well they are fed will determine the increase in their stamina regeneration.
- Mount races have three different categories of foods.
 - Foods they prefer to eat, foods they find acceptable and foods they will eat begrudgingly.
 - All other foods they will refuse to eat.
- Mounts will eat more food based on their size.  The larger the amount the more they need to eat to gain the benefit.
- Most mounts will now automatically graze for food to feed themselves when they are in certain areas that are considered their natural habitat.
- Grazing will also provide some stamina regeneration bonus to a lesser degree than feeding one's mount.
- Mounts should only graze when they are standing and not carrying a rider.

- See 'help feed' for details.

As always, reporting issues and providing feedback (pun intended) is appreciated as we look to create other related features.

May 11th, 2020 (Monday)
-Full helm and helms with visor down now display
  -gender (if non-androgynous)
  -templar status (if wearing a templar robe)
  -'half-giant' if character is one

May 13th, 2020 (Wednesday)
-Soldiers retain 'soldier' in their sdesc after lowering visors.
-Fixed to catch the last of the templars so they have 'templar' in their sdesc even with face coverings
-Made masks work more like helms, in that templar/half-giant/soldier/gender are still exposed after wearing one.
-Expanded areas that hooded items can be worth for more variety

May 18th, 2020 (Monday)
-Fixed bug in some ethereal code.
-Fixed newly introduced bug with sdesc not being revealed in lower hood message
-Made some staff commands more informative
-Updated 'quit'
  -quit is now blocked when riding or have hitched mount that is summoned with gear packed on it, since the gear will be lost.
  -quit is NOT blocked with summoned creatures unless they have gear on them.
  -'quit test' will inform player if their mount or any hitched creatures would block them from quitting due to being summoned and having gear packed on them.

May 20th, 2020 (Wednesday)
-Fixed the broken message for lowering hoods.
-Updated kruth code.  In addition to back end changes, players can now deal cards to everyone at the table or whatever furniture item they're on.
  -deal deck table N (where N is the number of cards to deal to each sitter)

May 26th, 2020 (Tuesday)
-Fixed a bug in steal where it wasn't treated paralyzed targets consistently.
-Fixed a bug that prevented some from gaining guard skill on failure.
-Fixed a bug in falling while riding that could result in bad position/riding status combo..
-Feed updates.
  -Reduced feed command delay.
  -fixed bug where some races did not have default messages.
  -fixed bug where food would disappear despite mount refusing to eat it.
  -updated some messages/grammar.
  -Command emotes are no longer applied to pre-delay messages.
  -Command emotes now over-ride post-delay messages unless the mount does not eat (for any reason).
  -Same spells that prevent characters from being able to mount, now also prevent them from being able to feed.
-Updated staff commands to be more informative.
-Moderate refactoring for future developers.

June 1st, 2020
-Various typos / messages sent to correct characters.
-Fixed a bug that caused some skills to pop up / go away on skill list due to uneven application of skill gain logic.
-New staff command to speed things up.
-Fill command now works with command emotes.
-Names of toes/fingers are now the same for location descriptions and equipment locations.

July 16th, 2020
House Kasix mount breeding ranch has been de-virtualized. - Shalooonsh

July 23rd, 2020 (Thursday)
-Fixed some crash bugs.
-Contracting someone now echos their modified sdesc (the hooded figure) rather than their true sdesc (the blue-eyed disc-jockey)

August 7th, 2020 (Friday)
-Fixed crash bug.
-stat command will now display the modified sdesc (what is displayed when initiating contact)
  of the character your character is in contact with rather than their unmodified sdesc (what is
  displayed when sending a message).
-Fixed a bug preventing pseudo death from working correctly.
-Fixed a bug related to reroll & switched NPCs
-Fixed some inconsistencies in targeting rooms with spells.

August 13th, 2020
Nessalin has helped us make some adjustments to the "Directions" command, so that it's a little more inclusive for the Labyrinth - this covers south-side new players getting there from Allanak proper, and an addition for those calling the 'rinth their hometown. Hurrah! - Wychokka

August 22nd, 2020 (Saturday)
-Update to staff commands, making them more informative.
-Migrated some data stored in flatfiles to the SQL DB.
-Another fix for using a bug that allowed opening hidden/secret doors.
-Updates to Tuluki crim code.
-Expanded options for item creation.
-Updated code generated messages mentioning 'gypsy'  to use other terms.

August 23rd, 2020 (Sunday)
-Fixed a long standing, recurring crash bug.
-Fixed a bug in mount eat messages.
-Aliases changed from a limit of 60 characters to 230 characters.
-Fixed some logging issues.

September 20th, 2020 (Sunday)
-Scars, tattoos, and other location descriptions now show up in the web-based bios tool for viewing previous characters.

September 21st, 2020 (Monday)
-playing time, age, height, weight, guild, subguild, and race now show up int he web based bios tool for viewing previous characters.

September 21st, 2020 (Monday)
-fixed bug where mount tattoos were showing up on characters in the biographies web tool.
-updated text on biographies web tool to display weight as 'ten-stone' rather than 'stone'.
-starting location and hometown are now displayed on the biographies web tool.

October 18th, 2020 (Sunday)
-Karma should regen on all accounts every RL hour, removing need to log in with a character to update karma options.

-Fixed a crash bug in staff command.
-Fixed bug where victim of riposte was receiving the victim message -and- the room message.  Should be less spammy for victims.

December 6th, 2020 (Sunday)
-Fixed bug in stealing things from ground.
-Fixed bug when stealing from shadow/blur/etc... would reveal their name
-Fixed bug in displaying mounts harnessed to carts
-Fixed bug in summoned creatures being spammy
-Fixed bug in gathering values
-Fixed bug that kept threaten from triggering on etwo as it does on ep and es
-Fixed bug where talking at tables with an embedded emote could result in spammy (and pointless) error messages
-Fixed bug in pointing to locations for some clans
-Fixed bug in how 'earthquake' spell targets characters in room
-Updated staff command to extend usefulness
-Added coded support for expanded list of clans
-Added code to flag/fix items with out of bounds stats
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2020 Year in Review (Part 2)
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2020 Continued...

Game World Updates:
T'zai Byn clan evolutions / Promotion of NPCs / Havoc Warband Introduction,55636.msg1045330.html#msg1045330

RPT in Luir's Outpost:,55564.msg1044396.html#msg1044396

Tan Muark are back to be playable:,55687.msg1045901.html#msg1045901

Updates to vernacular regarding Tan Muark:,55707.msg1046181.html#msg1046181

IC Rumors archive:,56140.msg1051876.html#msg1051876
Direct Link:,165.0.html

Allanak Senate Meeting:,56126.msg1051814.html#msg1051814

Short Stories of Templar Backgrounds and Sun Runner Backgrounds:,56275.msg1053481.html#msg1053481

Reminders not to use clan food to feed mounts:,56426.0.html

Player Run Events:
The 6th Octennial Ocotillo Festival! 1-4th October

Monuments Auction June 19th at 9pm Server Time

[RPT] Fancy Schmancy Art Auction (July 17th 9pm server)

A Gathering in Luirs on May 30th at 9 Server

Blood and Glory [April 9-12]

[RPT] Zalanthan Speakeasy? (9pm EST, Sept 12th)

Community Updates:
Wychokka joined the Storyteller team March 4th, 2020,55490.msg1043580.html#msg1043580

Covid-19 / Players Stress in Real Life Letter:,55663.msg1045587.html#msg1045587

Known issues with Website re: SSL Certificate:,56006.msg1050172.html#msg1050172

Rathustra's 10 Year Anniversary:,56028.0.html

Staff Opening:,56011.msg1050237.html#msg1050237
(Onboarded new staff in October, 2020)

Custom Crafting Guidelines Reminder:,56428.msg1055436.html#msg1055436

Highlight of Important Discussions on the GDB:

0-karma subclasses are abysmal! And here's why...

Drop It Like It's Hot (your input requested) / Should we change the drop message?

Addressing racist and bigoted elements in documentation

The Argument for the Restoration of Tuluk

Content and creation
Content and creation - sidebar

Make Sorcerers Great Again (And Elementalists)

GMH/Noble Houses roles

The rinth needs love

The Allanak Problem

Running Events For The Playerbase

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2019 Year in Review (Part 1)
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2019 Year in Review (Part 1):

Code Updates:
January 17, 2019 (Thursday)
-Various fixes across the code where androgynous gendered characters weren't being described properly.
-Fixed grammar issues regarding androgynous gendered characters.

January 21st, 2019 (Monday)
-Mount names will stick on mount between logging out/logging in for mounted/hitched mounts.
-Mount names will stick on mount between renting mount/offering token.
-Getting a mount from a stablemaster will cause your character to attempt to auto-hitch it (this will only fail if your character already has the maximum number of mounts hitched to them).
-The mount naming (title <mount> <name>) code should now give better feedback (error and failure messages).

January 27th, 2019 (Sunday)
-Mount race now shows up by looking at ticket.
  "It has the image of a %s etched onto it."
-If the character looking at the ticket is the one that named the mount they
  will see the name on the ticket.
  "You think this is the ticket for your mount, '%s'."
-Clan specific stables now use the new code that persists mount names on tickets.

February 6th, 2019 (Wednesday)
-Fixed a crash bug
-Fixed another crash bug
-Continued changes to mount stables
  -Only supports 'rent' and 'offer', no longer supports 'give'.
  -Now have to use full syntax for tickets.
    offer <token> <stablemaster>
  -The name (first keyword) of a token is now used in the message when a
    stable master gives the object to a character or takes the object from a
   -A message to the character is sent about the stablemaster giving the
    token to the character which contains the sdesc of the token so the
    player immediately knows what that shop's tokens look like.
  -Changed most the 'says' by the stablemaster to 'tells'
    a) Make it clear to others in the room who the NPC is talking to.
    b) Keep the language code involved for scrambling/learning.
  -Changed the rest of the says to echos that only the PC wills see
    because they were issues of syntax or bad keywords.

February 12th, 2019 (Tuesday)
-Bugfix in staff command.
-Updates to staff tools.

-Bugfix with missile weapons vs magick armor spells.
-Bugfix in mount sellers.
-Changed behavior of some NPCs in the presence of magick.

February 14th, 2019 (Thursday)
-Additional fix for karma regenerate incorrectly resetting the regenerate date.
-This should now behave as designed in all cases instead of most cases.
-Added additional logging for regenerate validation.

-Bugfix for a staff command.

February 18th, 2019 (Monday)
-Updates to Gortok combat actions.
-Rescue command will not apply a delay when no one is fighting the target.  If there is no one to rescue the target from you will get a message saying so and no delay will be applied to your character.
-Updates to staff control over material taxes.
-Continued updates to how mounts interact with magick.
-Can now assess room to see the condition of visible, non-mount, characters.
  See the help file for more information:
-Movement speed is now displayed on arrival into a room.
  -Running shows has "runs in"
  -Walking/Sneaking show as "walks in" (for the time being, may re-visit this later)
-Can now use ~ep, ~es, ~etwo in place of objects in emotes.  See helpfile for more information:

-Added ability to enable ANSI color in character generation.
-Added logic on new character login if ANSI color is enabled on the account to set the default color palette.

February 20th, 2019 (Wednesday)
-Added starting location/set up details for clan in The Ancient Place of Kings
-Forage will now error out before applying command delay. (hands full, mounted, etc..)
New Players Guide:,33512.0.html

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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions - infodump
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2021 Year in Review:

Code Updates:
Server Migration
Saturday July, 10th 2021
We will be migrating the game to a new server to upgrade many aspects of the platform on which the game runs including PHP Version, OS version, MySQL version, and many, many other ancillary aspects of how the game continues to function.  You shouldn't expect anything to look any different though there may be some performance gains.  The web page and tools will look and behave exactly as they do today.

January 18th, 2021 (Monday)
-Fixed a combat message when shooting darts out of a blowgun.
-Fixed a repeated message in the jail code.
-Added a QoL improvement for clan banking.

April 18th, 2021 (Sunday)
-Added a new command 'remember'
-The 'hack' command can now be used while mounted at a small penalty based on ride skill.
-Fixed a bug where non-closeable wagons could be closed from the inside, but not opened (or closed) from the outside.
-Fixed a bug where using negative numbers in a craft recipe would result in the ingredients being destroyed.
-Fixed a bug where secret exits could be discovered by moving against them during bad weather.
-Fixed a bug in mount regen based on feed status that was resulting in, effectively, unlimited stamina

April 25th, 2021 (Sunday)
-Tweaks to improve stamina regen rates on fed mounts
-Fed mounts will regen stamina when standing up (at slower rate than resting)
-Bugfixes to javascript engine

May 2nd, 2021 (Sunday)
-Words in caps will no longer be language scrambled.  i.e. say apple APPLE would scramble as 'wokok APPLE'
-Contact no longer applies stun penalties when already in contact or when using barrier
-Updated some staff commands and building options
-Entering/Leaving Riposte stance no longer reveals true sdesc
-the 'remember' command no longer breaks concentration

May 9th, 2021 (Sunday)
-The messages sent to room when feeding mounts has been simplified to (hopefully) be one line.
-True short description of guarded targets is no longer sent when they leave the game, should now
  display their modified short description (i.e. the hooded figure)
-Updated game logging.
-mul rage and other affects that make player characters attack now show up in the stat command's output.
-Mounts can now be poisoned by feeding them poisoned food (when the mount's race makes them
  susceptible to that type of poison)
-output from the craft command that displays possible crafts has been updated for readability

May 16th, 2021 (Sunday)
-Players will now get a wear off message when the combat timer wears off.
-combat noquit status can now be put into the the prompt with %q.
  prompt help file
-Craft command should now consistently print "-none-" for recipes that do
  not require a tool, instead of sometimes printing empty string.
-Fixed a bug where some missile weapons did not send message to room,
  victim, or character when they would miss.
-Open command when used with an invalid exit should no longer force characters
  to drop items they are lifting.
-The language code will no longer scramble on capital letters.
-The language code will disable on '<' and enabled '>', allow players to enclose
  proper nouns and words pronounced phonetically in <> to turn off the language
  say helpfile
  tell helpfile
  shout helpfile
  whisper helpfile
  ask helpfile
-The list command's output has been changed to a grid, similar to the recent change for craft
-The list command will now take a location argument allowing players to see only
  the items a merchant is selling that cover a given wear location.
  list helpfile

Converted old cactus DMPL scripts to new javascripts, updated with modern classes/subclasses.

May 18th, 2021 (Tuesday)
-Updated crafting system to better preserve colors of ingredients to results.

-Craft lists updated (again)
  -Should now be 80 columns
  -Recipes are sorted alphabetically by skill name
  -Recipes groups by skill have a header line for that skill.  This adds to the vertical size of the list but allows for longer recipe names while keeping things at 80 columns.
  -Recipe names are truncated to fit into the list so as not to break 80 columns.  To craft these users will need to use the craft blah into #N syntax.  We will be reducing the names of long recipes over time so that they fit.

-Shop lists updated (again)
  -Should now be 80 columns
  -Updated the list of locations the player can specify with the 'list <npc> location' syntax
    -removed one that are (mostly) for code use and would not make sense IC
    -removed underscores

May 23rd, 2021 (Sunday)
-Assessing a weapons
  -No longer requires weapon skills to see what kind of weapon is being assessed
  -Updated some of the messages to be less...odd.
-Listing in shops
  -Fixed an ages old crash bug.
  -formatting tweaks
  -some location filter values weren't working correctly, fixed.
  -added 'es' and 'ep' to location that can be filtered. n.b. that this will include many
    items such as helmets that are flagged to be held in one hand for RP and other reasons.
-Crafting can now take 'with' an an argument to indicate what skill to filter crafts on
  -"craft skin with leatherworking"
  -When no crafts are found while using the 'with' filter, error message tells player
    which skill they were filtering on, but found no crafts.
  -When no skill could be matched with input, error message tells player what they typed
    and that there is no skill by that name.
  -When the skill found is not a crafting skill, error message tells players that is not
   a crafting skill

June 20th, 2021 (Sunday)
-Moved craft recipe data to SQL.
  -This has already resulted in improvements to the quality of the recipes by making it easier to identify/remove duplicates, bad recipe titles, tool values, etc...
  -This will doubtless mean some oddities in crafting while we work through bugs.
-Updates to staff tools
-Spells now have a chance to have critical success / failure.  This is driven by JS on the backend which should let us update/expand how criticals work.  For now they are very basic and bland.

July 15th, 2021 (Thursday)
-Our first post-migration release
-Fixed a crash bug in combat (identified with tools that weren't available on the previous server)
-Containers-in-containers should go back to saving between reboots.
  -Save rooms will not see this fix until items are nested in other items because previous uptimes overwrote their saves
  -non-save rooms should see containers-in-containers as they were before the migration, because their saves were never over-written
-Fixed various bugs related to writing values to the DB

July 19th, 2021 (Monday)
-Fixed a pair of crash bugs
-Steal command no longer auto-fails.

July 29th, 2021 (Thursday)
-Fixed a bug in staff commands
-When trying to follow someone into a room where mounts cannot go, while you are mounted,
  now gives a failure message alone, instead of a success message followed by a failure message.
-NPCs will no longer wait until fully healed before standing up (they will still rest/sit for a while, however)
-Updated NPC actions so allanak templars will cast all their spells and not mutter/miscast some of them.
-Items that previously showed up as poisoned, but would never poison a target or lose their poisoned
  status should now both poison and lose their poison status.
-Hopefully fixed the long standing bug where some NPCs would have an ldesc of "Is standing here."

Game World Updates:
Tuluk Opens -,57011.0.html
Daughter shortstory:,57005.0.html
Woman shortstory:,57019.0.html

City Elf Clan in Labyrinth opens - The Valuren -,56605.0.html

Player Run Events:

Community Updates:
Help Death Policy Change -,57505.0.html - December 12, 2021
Drinn Promoted to Admin -,57455.0.html
Staff Policy and Conduct Page updated -,57424.0.html
Producer Directives -,57389.0.html
Shabago Promoted to Producer -,57368.0.html
Aromit and Halaster promoted to Admin -,57134.0.html

Highlight of Important Discussions on the GDB:
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Re: REQUEST - Year by Year changes/updates/introductions - infodump
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This is very cool.
You could highlight that time I got everyone pissed at each other in a massive conversation that ended up with at least one person getting banned.