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Re: Custom Crafting
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I would be OK with that.


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Re: Custom Crafting
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I'm not sure how making you limit your focus would cut down on the work load, because you only get one craft a month.  It doesn't matter how many crafting skills you have.  So that's still a single submission a month, regardless.
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Re: Custom Crafting
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True. I think it'd be more to address the whole jack-of-all-trades-and-also-master-of-all 'crafting savant' issue, but that isn't one of the problems Brokkr mentioned trying to solve with this change.


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Re: Custom Crafting
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Well, if Lord Fancypants wants a mastercrafted sword, he would have to go to Salarr, or find someone who specialized in swordmaking, along with every other person who wants a custom blade, so all those blades would have to go to the same person or persons, and not just anyone who could mastercraft swords. The limiting would come in when not every single crafter can custom craft everything on their skills list, so if there is say, only five people in the game who chose swordmaking, along with the once a month thing, thats a max of five custom swords that could be submitted each month. It would force the crafter also to be careful with picking who to make custom blades for.

Also, since staff is saying the choice of the custom craft subguild would allow anyone with crafting skill at any level to custom make, that would mean all the classes with crafting can submit custom crafts. This seems like it has the potential to increase workload. Provided folks gave up their subguild to get it.

Not to mention it makes RP sense in my mind at least, to only be able to custom make things of one or two kinds. And give the impression of, Oh yea! That Amos fella sure can make a fine sword. You should go see him if you want a good sword made.

Edited: Another idea if this won't actually suffice, and someone already suggested it I think, would be just to make custom crafting an Artisan only ability. Since they seem the least versatile out of the heavy mercantile group, this would give people a reason to choose them, and definitely cut down on work for staff. And by the way, I think they should get watch also. Seems to make RP sense, and it is not an overpowered perception skill.
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Re: Custom Crafting
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I would be very choosy about where I spent my craft slots if I had to tack on a crafting subguild or specialize. A person could join a Merchant House and not have to think about the subguild, but I think joining a house for the meta reason of essentially having a second subguild is a lame reason to stuff those clans.

If someone is not in a Merchant House, but striking out on their own, I'm pretty sure their crafts are vulnerable to getting ripped off and spread all over the place. Is this still the case? If so, this isn't ideal for a startup Trading Company. If there were some initial protections for crafts earlier in a Trading Company's existence, it might encourage people to keep their recipes simpler. When a character trying to make a Company dies, THEN release their recipes into the wild. Give them a chance before letting others look over their designs.

Depending on how narrow it is, specialization would make crafters focus on the more popular skills. People who didn't would be looked at like unicorns. Commission work in general would be more difficult to come by (more so than it can sometimes be now). I also think the more rigidly crafts got controlled the less likely people would want to bother wasting their time making low quality crafts.

Cats and dogs living together - Mass hysteria! Eeesh! I don't mean to be all doom and gloom or sound like I think the sky is falling and crafting as we know it is coming to an end.. I would hate that. My characters have too much shopping to do.

I'll keep chiming in here, but I'll give the change the benefit of the doubt. I'm sure the addition of the subguild won't just be the ability for people to do this ONE thing. That wouldn't be fun for the crafters OR combat folk that have to give something so important up for it.
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