Max characters in an sdesc?

Started by Medena, June 16, 2018, 09:36:11 PM

Subject says it all.  I'm in the throes of writing my first char application in years.  And I cannot find reference to the max number any place on the web page.  It should be in the walkthrough.   :'(
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It's 35. I took a quick glance through the web page and couldn't find a reference for it, either, but here it is on the chargen.

QuoteOn the line below, you must enter your character's "short description."  This
description is necessary for character interaction, communication, and just
about everything else.  A few examples of short descriptions are below:

the tall, gaunt elfthe short, fat manthe hunch-backed dwarf
the olive-skinned elfthe huge mantisthe barbarous half-giant
the unkempt young man   the brown-haired womanthe weather-worn mul

It is important that this description be done correctly, and there are a
few guidelines associated with it:

     * Your short description should contain information on your character's
       race and other noticable features of your character.
     * Your short description should not contain information that is not
       perceivable by looking at him (e.g., "the intelligent man" or your
       character's name or guild) or adjectives that are not applicable all
       of the time (e.g., "the grinning elf").
     * It should start with the article "the," not "a" or "an."
     * Keep it short(35 characters or under).
     * Terminate by hitting return at the end of the line.

Thanks so much!!
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