Changing Descriptions

Started by FiveDisgruntledMonkeysWit, October 19, 2002, 11:08:19 AM

Well, guess who's finally back on the Crackageddon? I'm planning to start playing regularly again, after a month or two off. I've come back to realize that my character has an imensly newbish main description and short description.

I was wondering, Imms, would it be prudent to edit my descriptions, just so I don't look like such a n00b, and also so I don't get hacked to bits the next time a scrab walks into the room (A man descirbed as being 'dark' looks so much like a scrab described as 'dark'! We couldn't tell them apart, it's like a living mirror!). Also, if this were to be allowed, then how exactly would I go about doing it? Email the account, change my objective, and cross my fingers for a kindly Imm to pass by? What would have to be included in this email? And would it be alright if I changed my descriptions in chunks, and not all at once, to avoid that uncomfortable IC/OOC lapse you get when your best friend suddenly looks like a completely different person?

Phew, yeah, ok... Another quick question... Since I've started playing again, I figured I ought to get onto my clan disscussion board, huh? How would I do that? Email the clan Imm and say 'sign me up!'? Well, kudos to anyone that bothered to answer all these questions... It was far too many, I know. Many kudos. More kudos then you know what to do with.... Ok, that's enough of my babbling.
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description questions first:

1) send an email to requesting the changes you want. Include these things:

a) Your current sdesc
b) your current desc
c) The desired sdesc
d) The desired desc
e) Reasons why you'd like it changed: i.e. aging, lots of scarring, shaving the beard off.. whatever reasons, both IC and OOC. (If its for IC reasons like a change in appearance due to IC reasons like cutting of hair or purposely changing physical aspects like that, a log wouldn't hurt)
f) Please and thank you never hurt
g) Your account name and pc's name
(make sure the email address on your account is up to date and accurate.. maybe this should have been first)

2) After sending the email to the account, the next time you log in type:
change objective Waiting for sdesc/desc change as per email sent (date)
or something to that effect. I think imms tend to check on objectives, so it's a way to remind them that you put a request out without harassing them through wishes.

3) Most times when you get these changes done, they'll try to catch you at a time when you're not around other pc's, so if you spend 99.99% of your time chatting it up in taverns with other players, you might not have it done as quickly.

4) If noone's gotten back to you in a while, give it several days or so, consider going to a quiet, non-pc inhabited room and sending up a polite wish stating that you sent an email requesting a change, and if anyone's available if they could do it. Better yet, if a week or so goes by and you still haven't heard anything, pop off an email to with a reminder of the request and find out if your old email got backlogged or lost on its way. It happens. The best thing to do is remember to be patient. It usually won't happen right away, but whenever I've asked for a change like this, someone's at least gotten back to me quickly to let me know they got the request and it'll be done soon.

As for how you want the change, well, that's really up to your own comfort level.

How to get on your clan's discussion board: Email your immortal with a polite request to be added, including your account name, pc's name and the name you're registered on the GDB with.

Good luck!
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