Pick Making Recipes Change

Started by Brokkr, April 20, 2018, 07:36:09 PM

A number of the crafting recipes for lockpicks have had the amount of skill necessary to craft them changed.  Previously there was little consistency in the crafting recipes, meaning that low quality lockpicks were just as hard to craft as very good lockpicks, in many cases.

The change rebalanced the recipes so that the quality of the lockpick able to be crafted scales upwards with the pick making skill.  The recipes were spread out over more of the pick making skill range, whereas before they were all clumped into the lower range of the skill.  This will mean you have lost access to lockpick recipes you could once make unless you are a master at pick making.

This change was done in conjunction with adding a handful of pick making recipes a couple of months ago, such that there are now craftable lockpicks of every quality level.