What got each of you into Mudding?

Started by fade, April 13, 2018, 12:25:29 PM

I was a wee tyke playing a Halo forum based RPG where a group of like 12 of us would post multi-paragraph entries and then respond red-robin style. As time went on and we got too old to rehash the same story over and over (more to the point, as we got older and everyone wanted to win so we all started making more and more Mary Sues who were amazing and perfect) one of the members found Armageddon and tried to bring us all along. Me and him were the only two who stuck on for any amount of time.

I started mudding in college because it was literally the only multi-player game in town back then.  It was a mostly stock DIKU hack and slash if I recall correctly.  A few years later after continued urging from Sanvean I gave Armageddon a try.  It's safe to say I got hooked.

My roommate as a freshman in college was familiar with MUDs and I found one that was run by a guy at my school.  It was a DIKU hack and slash.  I found Arm about a year after that.

I used to build RPGs using the BYOND engine (www.byond.com) and encountered multiplayer RPGs there where everything was player developed - it was an open world with forced RP and people built and ran all the institutions and structures. I thought that was super neat and so spent a lot of time trying to make my own while seeking out other places with "enforced RP". Eventually I came across Accursed Lands (http://www.accursed-lands.com) which was my first MUD - everyone RP'd there and there was loads of crafting and it was pretty much player-run. Eventually I got on staff there and followed some staff from AL to a splinter MUD, Lament (http://www.ghostglass.net/) which continued AL's post-apocalyptic fantasy world where magick is broken theme - but in a much more exciting way. Towards the end of my time at AL I started playing Armageddon and gradually I got more and more into Armageddon until I joined staff here too. The rest is history.

I genuinely don't remember! Arm was my first MUD and I found it before I knew what a MUD was. I think I was googling DarkSun inspired stuff and just found it. I gave it a try, found it a little too complicated, and didn't stick around. A year or so later another friend got me into trying out Discworld and HellMOO and I remembered Arm and came back to it.

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Back in High school days, a friend of mine told me about this "Cool game" to try out. That particular game was Ancient Anguish. I played that for close to two years and gradually ended up disinterested in it because it was heavy H&S. I ran a search for RPI, spotted Arm and instantly thought it was exactly what I was looking for. The rest is history!
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