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Started by Sabess, April 06, 2018, 06:18:15 AM

Hi! I sort of tried to play a long long time ago, but was really busy and never got to play much. I'm trying to come back with a new character, but I had some questions about combat, or more specifically, combat-centric builds.

Although it's pretty unrealistic, I always found unarmed combat pretty fun. Punching and grabs and stuff; the generic martial artist sorta fantasy role. Is that possible in Armageddon? I know you can punch stuff (I think), but is there a build/skill for it or anything?

On a similarish note, the character I wanted to make is supposed to be sorta fast and agile, but not sneaky; just a fast warrior rather than a tanky one. Is that possible within the warrior guild, or is something like assassin better suited for that agility-centric approach? Also, is there a sort of weapon type or anything suited for that, if punchystuff isn't an option?

Sorry if these sorts of things are too much to ask. Thanks!

Hey, Sabess! Welcome back. :)

That type of unarmed combat may be possible (albeit it'd be very impractical) in Armageddon, but it would be difficult to achieve. Anything similar to martial arts isn't common in Zalanthas.

There's no unarmed skill, but there are attributes that come into play! When engaged in unarmed combat, the attributes taken into account (rather than a skill) are a PC's offense and defense. What you should know is that an unarmed PC will take a big hit to their defense when facing off against an armed opponent, hence the impracticality of unarmed combat.

Agility is definitely possible with a warrior! When paired with a warrior's defensive skills, they can actually make for a formidable PC. An assassin can play well with agility, too, but know that defense isn't their forte. Usually, the assassin's strength is dealing as few, yet fatal, blows as possible so they might stay out of melee combat. In the end, a warrior will beat an assassin when engaged in melee combat. An assassin may be considered the more 'sneaky' fighter: one who works better from the shadows.

Thank you heaps! That's super useful. Do different weapons do different stuff? Like, would a dagger (as an example) be faster than a sword? Or is that mostly flavour and stuff.

They do, actually! For example, when you're wielding a chopping weapon, you're more able to land blows and parry those dealt by others.

You can find out the varying advantage/disadvantage(s) differing weapons can provide as your PC grows more familiar with each weapon.

Playing an unarmed fighter (monk-archetype), as azuriolinist pointed out, isn't terribly practical, code-wise, but there are ways you could still play that kind of themeKick, Bash, Subdue, and Disarm are all important combat skills that you could definitely play out in a martial arts type way.

I also know that at one time there were 'cestus' items in game which is kind of like a bone-banded boxing glove (which may have been removed if they were glove-items, rather than weapons).  Something like that could work flavor-wise.  I'd ask your local Salarri (look for the steel-grey cloaks)!
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This is possible, but your character would have to be so much more skilled than your opponent, that fighting them unarmed would be more mocking them than trying to not die. If your strength is too low your punches won't really hurt, but you would also have to be fast enough to rely on dodging and not parrying or blocking. I think there are some types of gloves that help with punches, ones with bone, glass, or teeth would seem like they would hurt to get hit by.

Everything is possible with nice RP.
Codewise, unarmed is not supported to compete with armed. Power difference is several times most probably.

If you want to play a warrior who is more agile and quick, you could try daggers and knives.  There are both piercing and (more rarely) slashing varieties.  If you live a long long time you may even unlock the "knife" weapon type which is even more specialized than that.  Or you could do spear, that character from Game of Thrones was a quick and agile warrior type who fought with a spear.

As others have said, you are going to get your tail kicked if you try to fight unarmed - not recommended.