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The Ride Skill
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:42:49 AM »
To say that I have gotten a lot of feedback around ride since the player test started is an understatement.  This concern starts, lots of times, before folks even have a character.  If the player wants to engage in combat...they want to make sure the guild has ride, or they choose ride in a subguild.

Frankly, this is the reason ride was changed.  The perception that an increased ride skill level, through either guild or subguild, is somehow required for a combat character.

Unfortunately, this has influenced a lot of the feedback I've gotten around ride.  I've tried to be circumspect with how it works, but I keep getting the same feedback, and it is clear this is confusing folks and impacting the quality of feedback I am getting.  So I am going to be a bit more clear about what is going on, in the interest of getting better feedback.

First, if you haven't noticed, we bifurcated the code that handles ride.  Current guilds have ride that is handled one way.  New classes have ride that is handled differently, in some respects.

For the current guilds, if you get the ride skill to a certain level, you can ride with both hands full.  Independent calculations that have a result somewhat near this determine if you have reached a point where you no longer fall off in combat at all.  Guild solely determines whether you can tame things.  Guild solely determines whether you can hitch two mounts at once.  Rangers fall off during combat to a higher level ride skill than other guilds (which also has resulted in confused play test feedback, as some folks are clearly only used to getting to that two hands full riding point with rangers).

The problem this creates is a "must have" skill for combat characters.  The changes to ride were meant to address this.  The idea is that pretty much any combat oriented class could eventually learn to ride with both hands full, in some way.  As a trade off, it would be slower to get there, for everyone.  Picking a subguild or guild with the ride skill would still give advantages.

The ride skill for the new classes adds together your ride skill and your weapon configuration skill (shield use, two handed, and dual wielding which also handles non-shield stuff that isn't a weapon) you are using while riding.  If that number is higher than a certain number, you can ride with both hands full while having the weapon configuration.  So you might be able to ride dual wielding, but not while using a two handed weapon.  Like currently, this is not the same calculation that determines if you fall off in combat.  There is still a ride skill level past which you will not fall off in combat (all guilds/subguilds that give ride as a skill gives at least this level of skill).

We have added a way to give the ability to tame mounts, and the ability to hitch two mounts, and these have been given to several classes.  No classes has an advantage to learning riding to a higher level like ranger does.

So what does all this mean for the new classes?

Well....first let me start out by saying I intentionally gimped shield use, to see how things would look.  Shield use is much, much easier to get to master than two handed or dual wield.  I am considering making it on par with the other two skills though (currently only Stalker can ride with a shield and a weapon normally), which will result in the following, in normal circumstances (there are situations that can cause deviations to all of these for better or worse, just like currently):

Due to the high level they get the relevant combat skills, all heavy combat characters can get two handed riding with all three configurations.  This is with a non-guild/non-subguild level of ride skill.  It does mean you need a substantial level of skill in the combat configuration skill, as you are primarily relying on it to be able to do this.  Having ride skill from guild/subguild means more of the burden can be born by the ride skill (assuming you get it skilled up), and thus the necessary level of combat configuration skill is lower, point for point.

Light combat classes all get enough skill to be able to ride without a subguild/guild ride boost, although it takes quite a bit of combat configuration skill.

Mixed classes with maxed combat configuration skill can ride without a subguild/guild ride boost.

Light merchantile classes do not get combat configuration skills high enough to be able to ride without a subguild/guild ride boost.

Heavy merchantile classes do not get combat configuration skills high enough to be able to ride without a subguild/guild ride boost (and in fact need both combat configuration and subguild ride skills maxed to be able to at all).

With shield use gimped, most people weren't seeing an ability to ride with two hands full.  If conformed to the other skills, folks should see an ability to ride, at least one way, with both hands full fairly early on.  Honestly I was hoping to push the point at which folks got to two hand ride in any class out out a bit, but it effectively nerf'd shield use while riding, which wasn't the intent.

So...hopefully this clarifies for folks and we can get some feedback on all of this.
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Re: The Ride Skill
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2018, 03:41:43 AM »
Thank you for the post Brokkr. As one of those people who were thinking about mounted combat before I even had a character in, this definitely made for an interesting read.

If I understand these changes correctly, this does sound like it will go a long ways towards making combat characters "viable" without having to shoehorn in a riding subguild. I do think this would have to become public knowledge before you see people taking advantage of it. It would certainly influence my decision making in the future.


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Re: The Ride Skill
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2018, 09:31:01 AM »
This has gotten me really excited to make a mounter character. During my time playing Armageddon, I never much cared for ride. It just looked like a certain way to die in combat getting tossed off your mount. But now I'm really itching to get a character rolling with that.
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Re: The Ride Skill
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I'm very glad you're going in this direction with ride. I just hope we don't end up in situations where novice ride levels will make newbies going on excursions more of a hassle than it can already be. Though I'm not sure how realistic that fear even is, as I haven't been able to get in game and really test it.