Death Reports: Closure to prevent players walking away from a game they love.

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It's one of the reasons I like to keep mercy on, at least as far as kill is concerned. If you don't utterly splatter the PC sometimes you give them the chance at just this idea... not that I go around killing a lot of people...

Yep, this. Though sometimes I hit too hard and mercy doesn't work, but in general it's a good way to at least offer them a final emote and give them a chance at one too.

but wate if mercy off den hit harder! YARG, SMASH! Rough circle. (no, I don't think you really hit harder with mercy off, you just look like a douche)
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Can you still whisper to mortal people and they hear it? Or maybe just one-liner why you're killing them.

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Some players are playing the wrong fucking game, lmao

I agree. People are feeling too entitled and expect to be coddled. There are not participation trophies in least there aren't supposed to be. Suck it up. This IS Armageddon.
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If you're upset that you were PK'd and didn't get the closure you feel you deserve then congratulations, you are probably pretty normal. Armageddon is one of those few games that can really provoke strong emotions and that's a credit to the way the game is structured and it's players. The easiest way to begin making a change is to make sure you roll around with mercy on and give that courtesy to your fellow players. Unless of course, you're Delirium. In which case you've all fallen for the ruse and are blaming mercy instead of the true intent to kill just as planned.  :P
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Make someone 'dead' and unrevivable by anything but powerful magicks for five minutes after they die and let people communicate with the corpse.

I once played a rinthi named Ervyn, who trough deformity due to a wound in the face always emoted slurping especially when carrying on a conversation. This was I think 3 years ago and I have always wondered why he was killed and by who. it took them forever to do it and there was very little conversation, but some and no hint as to who they where or why they were doing it. Not that I did not figure I earned it as that character really rose in the Guild.  He was a fun bastard, prone to some evil dealings but always with a reason.  I wonder if the player that killed him is still around and would post here why just because I really would like to know.
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